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Trying to track down a short story

Dec 30, 2007
I read a short story in Jr. High back in the 80's about a world in the future where everyone was made to be equal. The story revolved around a boy in school who was smarter, stronger, faster and had better eye sight than everyone else. Because of this, he was forced to wear plated armor to slow him down and weaken him, thick glasses that worsened his eye sight and a helmet that scattered his thoughts with electronic pulses so he couldn't think as well.

Does anyone know the name or the author of this short story?


Keep cool, its Sci-fi dude
Jul 20, 2017
My man, there a lot of forums that are empty, its good to have Tom, I'm here because this subject interest me, and you never know it might fill up again....


This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
Jan 30, 2009
I remember that. the couple is watching tv and the dancers are flopping around and the wife says 'they're doing the best they can'.
Ellison was pretty out there sometimes