Tsunami brings radioactive sickness to somalia

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BBC NEWS | Africa | Waves 'brought waste to Somalia'

this is the end result of illegal sea dumping of radioactive metals in barrels. the Tsunami has ripped them off the seabed and smashed them againt the northern Somalian coastline.

the locals, many of whom probably know nothing about the danger are walking around getting sick and nothing can save the afflicted now.

some of the cash raised for the Tsunami fund will have to go towards the expensive cleanup, teams in suits with geiger counters tracking the barrels and the contaminated soil, chemicals to douse the material, bulldozers and vehicles to shift the beaches and soil and get them buried somewhere. it will never be the same again. inspectors will have to check coastal waters to check that the problem is not being carried round teh coast to other countries and fish stocks

this is the same as a dirty bomb being used against a population centre with the waste spread so far and wide that the community which relies heavily on local fishing for foodstuffs is probably not going to recover unless it's not as bad as expected. training i have had in nuclear, chemical and biological warfare environments leans towards dire results though