Jan 22, 2003
So. California
2. Contact

“Yes, where are you?” His voice came in clearly.

“I don’t know.” There was a narrow window, but it was located too high for her to see out. “I smelled the ocean when I arrived.”

“See any other prisoners?”

“Yes, women.”

There was silence for a moment while Jack searched his memory; then it hit him. “They took you to the Women’s Federal Prison. It’s located in San Pedro.” He was silent again for a moment. “I’ll get you out, but I’ve got to find out what instigated the arrest.”

“I would very much appreciate it as it is very…umm…different than CIA.”

“Stay where you are.”

“Do I have choice?”

He chuckled. “I guess not.”

“I need a lawyer also, I think.”

“Do you know one?”

“In Los Angeles?”



“Aaron Tchaikoff…he’s in L.A. He’s on retainer.”

Jack sat back on his sofa. He had a clipboard on which he’d made some notes. To break her out of a Federal Prison would be difficult, but not impossible given the reason she turned herself into the CIA. First he needed to contact the lawyer and then call Alexandra. They would need her help to get this done.

He looked up the number of the lawyer and when reaching his receptionist, asked to be put through.

“Sorry! Mr. Tchaikoff is busy with a client.”

“This is about a client. Tell him that Irina Derevko wishes to see him as soon as possible. Please interrupt him. He is on retainer for his services to her.” Jack said crisply. Jack wondered why Irina had retained a lawyer in Los Angeles.

“Tchaikoff here.”

“Mr. Tchaikoff, my name is Jack Bristow. I am the husband of Irina Derevko. She is in need of your services immediately. She has been taken to women’s Federal Prison in San Pedro, charged with murder.”

“They won’t give her bail. Tell me your number and I’ll call you back after I talk with the US Attorney’s office. I’ll make arrangements to see her. Its early afternoon. I may be able to get there around four.”

“Thanks. I’ll be here.” Jack gave him his number and hung up. “Now to get Sasha.”
He punched in her number.

“Benton,” she answered crisply.

“I need to see you as soon as possible.”

“I can be there in a half-hour.”

“Good. I’ve heard from your mother.” He snapped the cell phone shut.

Holding it in his hands, he thought about the last meeting with Irina, which was only a few weeks ago in Italy before she turned herself into the CIA. It was then she told him about giving herself up to the CIA to bring down Sloane and The Alliance. He’d told her that he had something that would help. Now it was proving invaluable. As if to remind him, he touched his left ear and felt the raised lump. He’d placed it there and an exact duplicate in Irina’s ear.

They’d returned to the States on separate flights, but met at an address he made her memorize. It was in a seedier part of the capitol, as it should be. It was a special effects store, but not a store one could walk into and buy. This was a friends only need enter place.

Jack walked in with Irina behind him. A young man about twenty-five or so came out of a door in the rear of the store when the buzzer went off.

“Jack! Sir, it’s a pleasure to see you.”

“Andy, glad to see you again. Have you been working hard?”

The young man nodded. “Special projects.”

Jack laughed. “This is my wife, Irene Bristow. Irene, this is Andy George. He’s a genius in miniaturization.”

Andy nodded shyly at the woman. She was beautiful and belonged to Jack! Wow! “Nice to meet you.”

She smiled. “Me too!”

“What have you got for me?” asked Jack.

“You won’t believe this. I just finished it a couple of days ago. Miniature com links.”

“How small?”

“Just a minute, I’ll get them.” He rushed out of the room. He returned almost immediately with a small box and placed it in Jack’s hands. “Look at the size.”

Jack opened the box, looked down, and smiled. Looking up, he said, “They work?”

“Like a charm.” He handed one to Jack and the other to Irene. “Just hold them up to your ear and talk. Jack, go into the other room.”

A minute or so later, Jack was back a look of astonishment on his face. Irina practically gaped at Andy. “My god, Andy, what are the distance parameters?”

“None.” He grinned. “They are tied into the GPS-driven communication satellites. I’m piggy-backing the range off them. You can go anywhere in the world where the power reaches and be in communication with whoever has the other link.”

“Can I buy them now?”

“Sure, but you have to know that once they are in place, you will need some medical assistance to remove them.” He went on to explain why. Jack and Irene nodded their agreement. Andy explained how they would be put into place.

“What do I owe you?”

“Nothing. You saved my life, remember?”

“But…but,” Jack said nodding.

“No buts, Jack. These are yours. No one else in the world has them.”

Jack smiled, “Make sure no one else has them either…at least for awhile.”

“You got it.” Andy grinned.

“I’ll let you know how everything works out.”

Jack sighed. He knew how lucky he’d been to help Andy George out of a dangerous situation. The kid was a genius when it came to computer chips and miniaturization using nano technology. Jack picked up his cell phone again and called Kendall. He was going to find out what proof they had found that she’d killed Lindsey. He knew half the staff in the Rotunda had not liked the bombastic idiot.

Moments later Kendall’s voice came on the line. “Hello!”

“It’s Jack. Has Benton called with any new assignment by Sloane?”

“No, not yet. Jack, I’m sorry to tell you, but Irina Derevko has been moved to a prison in San Pedro at Justice’s orders. They’re charging her with the murder of Robert Lindsey.”

“What?” Jack was shocked.

“Yeah. They found a fingerprint somewhere in the warehouse that matched hers.”

Jack was silent for the moment, thinking furiously. “That’s all they have?”

“But enough. The National Security Advisor was a friend of Lindsey’s and got him the job at JTF. It’s his doing.”

“Did you inform the prisoner about these charges?”

“No, but she’s now under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department.” Kendall sat back in his chair. “I know she was going to help us nab Sloane and SD-6, but seems friendship is worth more than it’s their downfall. Sorry.”

“Can I see her?”

“Better check with Justice.”

“Thanks, I will.” Jack hung up. He was worried. They definitely needed to break her out of the prison now. He doubted Justice would back off at this point.

He touched his ear. “Sweetheart, did you hear?”

“Da.” The answer was soft.

“Don’t respond, but Alexandra is on her way over. Just listen and wait until after she’s gone. I don’t want anyone, even her, to know we can communicate.”

“Shhh, I hear someone coming.”

Jack said nothing. In his ear, he could hear the cell door open. Distantly he heard a woman’s voice. It wasn’t Irina. The cell door opened and then shut. Christ, he thought what was happening now?

“Where do you take me?”

A gruffer woman’s voice responded. “You have an hour’s exercise period every day. I’m taking you to the yard.”

Irina said nothing. She knew Jack could hear. “Who else is in the yard?”

“No one. You’re in solitary which means you do everything alone.”

There was a sound of a key in a lock and a door pulled open. Jack realized that the solitary prisoner’s yard was close to their cells. He heard no other voices. Then there was a click as Irina cut communication.

“You have an hour.” The guard said, shutting the door.

Irina stood looking about her. There didn’t seem to be anything except a ten by twenty foot space. To her right was a smallish sack. She opened it and found two soccer balls, a basketball, and a football. She looked around. She saw no hoop to shoot to, but since she didn’t know much about basketball, she ignored it and pulled out a soccer ball. She dribbled down and back. It was boring trying to do it alone. She put the ball back.

Instead she began a slow warm-up and when finished, began doing some push-ups, leg twists, and sit-ups…fast. She was sweating in less than ten minutes. She continued with other aerobic exercises. When she was dripping wet, Irina began walking slowly around the perimeter, cooling down. She took the towel she brought with her and stood in front of the door wiping her sweat off waiting for the guard. She judged she’d been in the yard for nearly an hour.

Back in her cell, she touched the com link, laid down, and fell asleep. She knew Jack would let her know what was planned soon. She hadn’t been sleep more than fifteen minutes when she awakened at the sound of his voice.

“Sasha has just arrived. Just listen for the present.”

Jack went to the door and let his daughter inside. “Sweetheart, I’m glad you could come.”

“What did you mean Mama is in prison. I thought she was at the JTF.”

“Justice had her arrested for Lindsey’s murder and transferred to San Pedro. Seems they found a fingerprint and it turned out to be hers.”

Alexandra gasped and sat down. She remembered hearing someone come up to the open trunk and take the package. She couldn’t believe it was her mother! Arvin Sloane was furious when he found out someone stole it. He’d blamed her for leaving it in the trunk when the shooting started. She held her ground however and said it’d happened so fast she didn’t think about the package, just getting out of the way of flying bullets was enough. He’d grumbled, but she’d prevailed.

“Papa, what did she do with it? There were, according to Arvin, twenty pounds of pure uncut heroin in that suitcase.”

“I don’t know. However, from what I’ve gleaned about The Man, drugs are not her thing. Why don’t you ask her the next time you see her?”

“When will that be? If she’s in the Federal Prison, they won’t let her have bail for a capital offence.”

“Yes, her attorney will probably confirm it when he sees her later today. We’ll have to break her out.”

Alexandra gaped at her father. She blinked. “Break her out?”

Jack grinned. “What? You don’t think I can do it?”

“Not a chance. They probably put her in solitary which is deep inside the prison. I don’t think you could extract her unless you had a tank, a thousand troops and some mean firepower.”

“That’s why I called you. I was wondering if Arvin Sloane could get her out if he thought she could lead him to…say, a dozen or so Rambaldi artifacts?”

Alexandra stared astounded at her Papa and then slowly smiled as what the proposal meant to her boss. He was weird when it came to this Milo Rambaldi. She and her partner, Mitchell Frinkman, had already acquired a half dozen or more items, including a manuscript of the heart’s workings. Sloane had another ten that he’d picked up over the past thirty years.

“You know…that might work. What about the heroin? She’ll have to give that up also.”

Jack snorted. “Not a chance. Don’t even bring it up. She told me that she hates drugs and that it was one thing her organization did not deal in under any circumstances.”

“Okay I won’t bring it up, but if he does…”

“I believe his passion is the Rambaldi artifacts. I’m also sure he doesn’t want to share any of those with his bosses, The Alliance. He won’t bring it up.” Jack knew he was taking a chance on that happening, but he’d known Arvin when they both were up and coming CIA agents and Arvin Sloane was a passionate man when it came to Milo Rambaldi.

“So suppose I go see your mother later this afternoon with her attorney.”

“She has one already?” Alexandra was surprised just now remembering he’d mentioned a lawyer earlier.

“Yes. Aaron Tchaikoff. He’s in Beverly Hills.”

Alexandra frowned. “Is he any good?”

“Your mother gave me his name.”

Alexandra was perplexed. Her mother hadn’t been in the U.S. that long to be familiar with lawyers…or… She frowned again. “If you think he’s the best?”

“I’m not familiar with lawyers at all especially criminal ones.” He raised an eyebrow sounding ignorant. “Anyway when I see her, I’ll tell her about the artifacts.”

Alexandra’s eyes narrowed, “Papa, do you mean to mention the escape?”

“God, no, sweetheart.” Jack went on to explain that he’d say she could raise money selling the artifacts to Sloan. The attorney wouldn’t know what was up and there was no way anyone would be listening.

“What we need is a name of someone who will let slip that Mama has those artifacts. If Arvin wants them bad enough, he has to break her out of prison using SD-6 personnel.”

“Be careful.”

“Just get me a name.”

Jack knew Irina was listening. She’d provide him with a name.

“I’ve got to go,” Alexandra said, standing up. When I’ve got the information I’ll take it from there.

“I’ll call you tonight. I have to meet with her lawyer at the prison. We just need to keep everything on a reasonable schedule. We don’t want the Justice Department to think I’m more than a concerned husband.

TBC :sly:


Jan 22, 2003
So. California
This is great. I can't beleive that JAck and Irina can talk to each other throught coms. That is really cool.
Actually they are using tiny nano driven com Links. They were described as being no larger than a tiny bump on their ear.

Can't wait to see how exactly Irina gets out of prison...
Coming up~

Jun 19, 2006
I just had the chance to read all of your story so far and it's really good. Changing the whole perspective of the story and the characters requires a great deal of work and you've done it very good, congratulations (y) You will be going for a new thread right?


Jan 22, 2003
So. California
I just had the chance to read all of your story so far and it's really good. Changing the whole perspective of the story and the characters requires a great deal of work and you've done it very good, congratulations You will be going for a new thread right?
Thanks, but having writter 45 other stories about Irina, Jack and Sydney it is a little easier.

I was not going to go episode by episode on this family trip, but used this as a vehicle to assuage my anger at the ending of Season 5.



Jan 22, 2003
So. California
3. Extraction

Angela Benton left the elevator after lunch and went to her desk. She had some reports to get out and she’d contacted the man her mother had given her father regarding the Rambaldi items. She wondered how it would be worked…getting Arvin to set up an escape for Irina Derevko from a federal prison. If he wanted those Rambaldi artifacts bad enough, she would be getting a call any moment. At least she thought she would. She was his best agent…bar none.

Sure enough about a half hour later, she was asked to go to the conference room. When she entered she found Mitchell, Vicki and two other agents waiting. Sloane, of course, was sitting at the head of the table.

“Now that everyone is here, I want to start. I’ve been informed that The Man, who is the head of a powerful criminal organization, has been captured by the Feds and placed in prison here in San Pedro.” He hit a button which immediately brought up an aerial view of the prison.

“Hey, that’s the women’s prison, isn’t it?” Vicki said. She was the op tech genius of SD-6.

“Yes! The Man is really a woman by the name of Irina Derevko. She’s Russian and I’m told very powerfully connected. She wants to get out. We’re going to help her. She’s promised to work for us as an informant and Langley wants us to work out some sort of escape for her. They say she was arrested on very flimsy evidence.

“So we’re tasked to do this sometime within the next few days. There is the possibility the Justice Department may want her back in Washington to stand trial, but we’re going to beat them to the punch.” He looked at Vicki. “What is the plan?”

“I’ve developed an escape that will not cause anyone to get hurt. The papers are correct and if there’s any question, you will,” she looked at Angela, “use this cell phone to call your boss at the Justice Department. Anyone who uses the phone will, of course, be talking to someone here, probably me.” She handed the cell to Angela.

“I’ll be waiting with a duplicate phone. The only call will be from yours. I’ve also,” continued Vicki, “written a fax to alert them to your arrival. It will be exactly like the faxes they get from Justice. No difference. They won’t be able to tell it comes from here. The message will piggy-back itself on a message from Justice to anyplace in L.A.”

“You can do that?” Mitchell was impressed.

“So what are we waiting for,” asked Angela.

“The message to L.A. because I need the com line I.D. numbers in order to send the fax to the warden of the prison. So you will need to be ready to go within minutes of my getting the information.”

Sloane stood. “This is important to Langley. We have to extract her and preferably without using weapons or harming anyone.” Of course he didn’t mention that the price would be The Man’s accumulation of Rambaldi artifacts, but that was something he and Irina Derevko will work out to his satisfaction.

Two days later, the message came. Justice sent a fax to the prison regarding Derevko’s status. It was a routine prison report, but it carried the right ID numbers for Vicki to use when she sent her fax. She also made it impossible for any further contact between the prison and Justice at least for a day. All of the messages would be forwarded to her without their knowledge. It would be safe for the team to operate. Sloane was apprised of the action and immediately called his four agents into the office to go over exactly what the operation was to be.

“We have a van ready which all of you will take to go to the prison. A fax will arrive at the warden’s office in the morning. It will state that a van will be coming to pick up the prisoner at 11:00 A.M. for transport to a plane which will fly Derevko to Washington D.C. for interrogation and trial.

“Angela, you will be in charge. Mitchell will handle the op from here. Agents Farrow and Downey will be driver and guard. When you pick up Derevko be sure to chain her to the floor and sides. The van will be exactly like the one they use to transport prisoners. Instead of the airport, you will bring her here. Mitchell, you will monitor the extraction.”

“Do you think the warden will verify the orders?” Mitchell asked.

“Yes, but Vicki has taken care of that. He will phone Justice, but will get Deputy Attorney Vicki Stanton instead. Her name will be on the transfer papers.”

“Does the prisoner know this is going to happen?” Farrow picked up the keys to the van and pocketed them.”

“Not exactly,” smiled Sloane, “but she will when she arrives here instead of the airport.”
Angela knew she’d better warn her mother somehow. She did not like the tone in Sloane’s voice. It was possible he would use McCullough to get what he wanted. Still the arrangement was made: Irina Derevko’s artifacts for being extracted from prison. She went back to her desk to wait for the go ahead. Farrow and Downey were seeing to the van, making sure it would pass as one which transported prisoners.

At precisely 11:00 a.m., a black van turned into the street leading to the prison. The gates were closed. Agent Farrow, dressed in a Federal guard’s uniform, handed papers to the guard at the gate. He disappeared inside his kiosk and came back almost immediately. He handed the papers to Farrow.

“I’ll open the gates. Go to your left at the end of this drive. Turn right and park at the first gate on the right. The prisoner will be brought through there. You’ll have to back out and return out through this gate.”

“Yes sir!” Farrow grinned, putting the papers back over the visor.

Angela was seated beside him and took her ID badge back. “Go,” she said softly. They were half way through the ‘caper’ and she was eager to see her mother.

Farrow parked outside the door. Angela got out and saw that Downey had disembarked from the rear. When he was beside her, she rang the bell next to the door. A minute later the door opened. Ahead of them was a short corridor. Angela’s heart beat faster as she and Downey walked toward the other door. She pushed another bell and the door opened. The two agents stepped inside.

In front of them stood Irina Derevko with two guards; she was shackled and handcuffed. They had put her back into the CIA clothes she arrived in a week ago. Her face remained impassive. She gave no indication she knew them.

“Here’s the order,” said Angela, who was wearing a blond wig, horned rim glasses and power suit and looking every bit a federal agent. “She give you any trouble?”

“Nah,” said the female guard. “Nice as I’d wish them all to be.”

Angela signed the clipboard indicating she was taking over the care of the prisoner. “Good. I like them that way.”

The guard nodded and handed her a copy of the paper Angela signed. “Have a safe trip.”

“Thanks.” Downey said, taking hold of Derevko’s arm. Angela took the other and they slowly marched down the corridor. The door opened ahead of them and then the outer door opened and shut behind them.

Angela knew they were being taped, so they took Irina to the rear door. Downey opened the door, pulling down the two-step ladder and assisting Irina up. She was placed on the bench and shackled to the floor. Her wrists were locked into the two hanging manacles welded either side of her.

“Where are you taking me?” Irina’s voice was inquisitive. She was looking at Downey.

“Back to CIA headquarters,” he answered, lying of course.

“I’ll stay with the prisoner,” volunteered Angela.

Downey nodded, jumped down and locked the doors. Irina looked at Angela questioningly. Angela put her finger to her lips and pointed to a small box over Irina’s head. Irina’s eyebrows lifted and her eyes widened. She said nothing, knowing already she was being taken to Credit Dauphine Bank where SD-6 kept its headquarters nicely disguised as a real bank. She figured Angela knew she knew, but there was no way she would say anything that would be used against her daughter. Angela retreated to a seat at the rear. She knocked on the wall separating her from the two other guards, indicating that they could leave.

It took about an hour with the traffic to make the trip to the West L.A. bank. The black van drove down a ramp and a sliding vertical door shut them off from anyone looking. When the van stopped, Angela stood. Downey and Farrow unlocked the doors and a minute later, had Irina freed. They left the handcuffs on, however, at Sloane’s orders. He didn’t want her loose. Angela buzzed Mitchell who told her where to take Derevko.

They entered the freight elevator which took them down six floors to the interrogation center. She was put into a room and the two men left. Angela stood near the door, putting her finger to her lips. She knew Sloane was on his way.

“I thank you for helping me out of the situation,” Irina said casually. By her tone and words, she let Angela know she appreciated SD-6’s ability to rescue her without any trouble.

“You’re welcome, but you should thank Arvin Sloane. He’ll be here in a minute.”
Angela smiled.

As if to punctuate her words, the door opened and Arvin Sloane entered followed by McCullough. Angela’s heart jumped, but she kept her face unreadable, dropping one of her ‘walls’ into place. McCullough was the bastard, who was tasked to torture people or interrogated employees whenever Sloane thought there was an internal problem.

“Good afternoon, Irina Derevko.” Sloane smiled and sat down at the table opposite her. “I understand you have some items which you would trade for your freedom. As you can see, you are no longer in Federal care. I want those items that were promised.”

“I see. I don’t have them here…in the U.S. I mean.”

“I’m patient. How long will it take to get them here?”

“Two days.”

“How many items?”


“What are they?”

Irina sat back, looking at him. “Why don’t you wait for them to arrive? You’ll see them soon enough. I’ll need access to a computer and I will start the process to get them here in that time frame.”

Sloane kept his eyes on her and motioned to McCullough. “The laptop and take the handcuffs off.”

“Thank you.” Irina said when they’d been removed. She rubbed her wrists and opened the laptop. She tapped in a password and opened the screen which was connected to her warehouse in Prague. Do you want them delivered here?”

“Yes.” He watched her.

“Very well, here day after tomorrow.” She turned the laptop around so he could see the order and response from her warehouse supervisor.

He nodded. “You will remain my guest until they arrive.”


He smiled, “Of course. We wouldn’t want the police to find you. I’m sure that by this evening the federal government will have put you on their most wanted list.”

“I see. I suppose that would defeat the entire purpose of today’s activities.”

Sloane laughed. “Naturally.” He looked at McCullough. “Take her to room four.”
He turned to Irina, saying, “The accommodations aren’t the Ritz Carlton, but the food is excellent. Unfortunately, we will have to keep you in handcuffs. I wouldn’t want you wandering around while…sleepwalking.”

“Is that necessary? We have an agreement and the items are on their way.”

“I’m afraid so. McCullough?” He looked at his interrogator who nodded.

After cuffing Irina, he took her by the arm and led her out of the room. Sloane and Angela watched them go.

Sloane started forward, “Well, I have business…be sure to write your report and file it. Don’t mention the…agreement.”

“Of course not.” She followed him out of the room. “Why wouldn’t you let her at least stay out of the handcuffs? She has been cooperating a hundred percent. Don’t you trust her?”

They got on the elevator to the second underground floor. Sloane leaned back against the rear wall. “No, I don’t…at least until the items arrive. If they are what they are supposed to be, I’ll let her go then, but not until they arrive.”

“Yes, well…perhaps you’re right.” She swallowed hard. “She did seem reasonable.”

Sloane laughed. “Angela, sometimes you are so naïve. Irina Derevko is the head of an international organization which deals in more criminal activities than the Mafia. It’s rumored that she has personally killed several times.” He shook his head. “I don’t trust her…yet.”

4. SD-6

Irina entered the room with McCullough behind her. She turned to face him. “This doesn’t look any better than the cell I was in five hours ago.”

“Sorry, but you will stay here until the artifacts arrive.” He motioned to the bunk. “It has a comfortable mattress. I will be back at five with some dinner.” He unlocked one handcuff which he then locked onto the bunk’s frame.

“Are you leaving me alone tonight?” She tried to sound as though she was frightened.

“No. There will be security guards. Just take it easy. Things will work out.” He walked out of the door, locking it behind him.

Irina rattled the handcuff. He’d snapped it tight. She was effectively ‘locked’ in for the night. She lay down, frowning as she thought through what had happened. She wondered if she’d underestimated Sloane, taking him for an easy mark instead of a wily competitor. She reviewed everything she and Jack had planned and anticipated. So far they’d been right. They did anticipate her being kept as a ‘guest’ while her Rambaldi artifacts were being transported, but not handcuffed to the bed.

“Jack?” She whispered. She hoped he’d been listening.

“I’m here.”

“What now?”

“I’m expecting to hear from Alexandra soon.” He sighed. “I didn’t expect them to handcuff you, but…then…I don’t know Sloane all that well. I met him only briefly before I was sent to Russia.”

“I’ll wait.” Irina left the link on though. She didn’t want to miss anything.

Jack fixed himself a drink, waiting for Alexandra. She probably knew what her mother was being put through. He sat thinking about all that had to happen for the take down of Sloane and The Alliance. He didn’t approve of the killing of all concerned, but then both he and Irina wanted to be together and to relieve Alexandra of her ‘bondage’ to SD-6. She needed to be free.

It was possible they would have to take Irina’s ideas into account in order to see the end of their problems. However they would have to see what happened after the artifacts arrived. He wished he could be there, but it was impossible. He sipped at the drink. He thought they ought to get Irina out of SD-6.

His cell phone pinged. He saw that it was Sasha. “Alexandra?”

“Papa, she’s being kept at SD-6.”

“I kind of expected it. He has to be sure those Rambaldi artifacts are the real deal.” He sipped again. “I’m not sure Sloane will let her go. She is, after all, worth a lot of money. Do you know the award out on her?”

“Yes, the government is furious. We got word she’s been moved up to Number 2 on the CIA’s most wanted list and a million dollar price on her head…dead or alive.”

He laughed. “That ought to make her happy.”

“You’re joking.”

“Yes. Don’t worry Alexandra. Your mother won’t. I think she’ll be pleased. However this might entice Arvin to rid himself of a ‘competitor’ and I’m sure he’ll want to turn her over…dead.”

“Govno!” He heard Irina swear.

“So, we’ve got to get her out tonight.”

“Papa! How do you plan to do it? It’s going to be impossible. It’s built like a fortress below. There must be a dozen Security men there on night time duty.”

“Is his chief torturer there?”

“Not usually, but who knows considering, if you’re right, Sloane’s plans.”

Jack rubbed the side of his jaw. “Okay, are you home?”


“Stay there and I’ll get back to you with the hour.” Jack broke the connection. “Irina, did you hear everything?”

“Yes. I agree. I’m in danger. However, nothing will happen until he has the artifacts. If something goes wrong…he’s going to want me around to assist.”

“I think we need to get you out tonight!”

“Hush…someone’s coming.” Irina left the com link on, but watched the door.

A key card was run through a slot and the door opened. A guard with a tray of food entered. He was followed by another man who had a small TV table. He opened it and sat it down in front of her. The guard with the food placed it on table.

“Your dinner.” He turned and left with the other guard.

“Spasibo,” Irina called after them, taking the napkin off the tray to reveal her food for the night. It was some kind of sandwich and finger food. Obviously they were not taking off her cuffs. She would have to eat with one hand, hence the sandwich. “My dinner,” she said.

“Back to our escape plan...” Jack said. “We’re going to raid Credit Dauphine tonight with Alexandra’s help.

Together they worked out the rescue and then Jack called their daughter. “Sweetheart, I think I’ve got the escape ready to go. I want you to meet me in the Delpino Restaurant which is two blocks from the bank.”

Jack was waiting outside the restaurant when he saw Alexandra get out of her car. He said nothing until she was facing him. “Can you get into the building?”

“Yes, I have a keycard. We just have to get past the security guards. They are SD-6 security men after eight. We have to take an elevator down.”

“Is there a problem?”

“No problem once we’re inside. You know I can’t come back once I’ve been filmed. There are cameras everywhere.”

Jack smiled. “This will be your last time at the bank.”

“That will be a pleasure.” She said. “I’ve had enough of them. The only people I’m sorry for are the clerks and agents like Mitchell who really believes they are working for their country. The security guys are the bad ones. They know who they work for.”

“Sloane isn’t there?”

“I doubt it. He thinks I’m in Europe picking up the artifacts, so he’ll be home with his wife, Emily, playing the loving husband.”

“Then let’s go.” Jack said taking her arm. “I have some men waiting nearby.”

Five minutes later, Alexandra stopped out of sight of the guards. Her father was around the corner with five other men. She checked her purse for the lipstick-spray Vicki had given her a few months ago for another job. It still had fluid in it and the spray was just as deadly as it had been.

She entered the bank using her keycard. The security guard looked up and smiled recognizing her.

“Evening Miss Benton.” He stood and handed her a pen. She had a lipstick in her hand.

“Hi Ben, I’m going to get a report for Mr. Sloane done.” She smiled and as she signed the book with her right hand, she pushed the lipstick with her left. The fine spray hit him and he fell to the floor. She turned and waved.

A moment later, Jack and the five men, dressed in black and wearing black ski masks, carrying machine pistols came inside. They ran to the elevators. Alexandra reached over the console and cut the camera feed from cameras on the floors below; then she joined them in the open elevator. She stood in the center while the camera scanned her. The men were standing out of the camera’s eye. The light went out and the elevator dropped.

Alexandra entered the darkened offices, heading for her desk. Using the com link she wore, she communicated the all clear to Jack and the others. They peeled out of the elevator, heading for their assignments. Jack joined his daughter and they darted down a hallway toward interrogation rooms which were one floor down a half stairway.

At the bottom of the stairs, there was a guard at a desk. He looked like he was asleep. Jack kept out of sight as Alexandra moved to the desk. The guard started and looked up.

“What are you doing here?”

“Just checking on the prisoner.” No one but Sloane knew she was supposed to be in Europe. “Has she been fed?”

“Yeah, some time ago.”

“Can I see her?”

“No, not now. McCullough is with her.” It was SD-6 protocol that McCullough was not to be disturbed while interrogating anyone.

Alexandra frowned. As far as she knew, her mother should be waiting for confirmation that Sloane had the Rambaldi artifacts in his possession which was payment for extracting her from the Federal prison.


“I guess you’d better head back up the stairs.” He said quietly but with firm tone.

“No, I guess not.” She pulled out the lipstick from her pocket and sprayed him. He tumbled out of the chair. “Papa?”

Jack joined her and she pushed a button on the desk, which opened the door to the left of the desk. Alexandra pulled it open. Jack held his pistol at the ready by his side. His daughter pulled a Glock 9 from her purse and removed the safety as they moved swiftly down the hall. She stopped before a closed door and looked through the small window.
McCullough was inside and so was Sloane!

“Dammit,” she swore motioning to Jack. “Sloane!”

“What’s he doing in there?” Jack whispered.

“Dunno,” she shook her head. Her hand was on the door, but it wouldn’t budge. She took out the keycard and ran it through the slot on the slide box next to the doorknob. There was a small click.

Jack was through the door, gun pointed at the two men who were standing over Irina. “Up!” He snapped, motioning with his pistol.

Irina didn’t move. Jack swore. “I said put your hands up where I can see them.”

“You won’t get out of here,” snarled Sloane.

McCullough turned back to Irina. He had a needle in his hand. Jack didn’t hesitate. He shot the older man who dropped to the floor dead.

Sloane didn’t move. He was angry. “Who the hell are you?”

“Her husband, you slimy son of a bitch!” Jack jammed the gun in Sloane’s chest. He looked down.

Sloane gaped at him. “Husband? But you’re an American! She’s Russian.”

“What does that matter?” Jack snarled. “Stand over there and don’t move.” He motioned to the wall at the foot of the bunk. “Irina! Sweetheart!”

She didn’t move. He kneeled by the bunk and gently shook her arm. No response. He felt for a pulse in her neck. He could feel a slow beat. She was alive. He’d been in contact with her using their com link, but turned it off when he entered the bank using instead the regular link to keep in contact with his men. He expected to be too busy to listen to her so he’d missed Sloane and McCullough entering the interrogation room.

“What did you do to her?” Jack stood, menace in his voice.

“She’s alive,” said Sloane, his eyes never leaving the pistol. McCullough was dead. This man was not afraid to shoot. “I just wanted information.”


“Her organization.”

“Sounds as though you planned to acquire it.” Jack snarled. “Sorry, but you’ve lost that business transaction. Alexandra...”

She entered the room and Sloane’s eyes widened in shock. “Yes, Papa?”

“Your mother has been drugged. See if you can get her to respond.” Jack smiled with cold intent. “And you...” He shot him twice…in the chest. The second bullet tore thru the center of his heart.

“Papa?!” Alexandra was shocked.

“Help your mother. We have to shut down SD-6. That means we’re going to blow up everything. We want to cut this arm out of the Alliance. The rest of the organization is going to be shut down today by all of the intelligence agencies in Europe, both West and Eastern cities.”

“She’s not awake?”

“No, but there’s a pulse. I think they put her out. See if you can get her up and walking. I’ve got to see if our men are cutting down the security force here.” Jack turned and ran out of the room.

Alexandra bent over her mother. “Mama…wake up!” Irina didn’t move. Alexandra rummaged through McCullough’s pockets and found the key to the handcuff. She removed it. Just then, Irina moaned softly.

“Mama, its Alexandra!” She shook her shoulder. “Wake up. Everything’s okay. Papa and I are here.”

Irina’s dark eyes opened to see her daughter leaning over her. “Sasha!”

Alexandra put her arms under her mother and pulled her up. “Can you sit up now? What did they give you…the shot, I mean?”

“I don’t know. Something to make me talk.” Irina swung her legs over the side of the bunk. It was then she saw Sloane slumped against the wall, dead. Behind her daughter she saw McCullough sprawled on the floor. He too was obviously dead.

“Govno, what happened?”

“We’re taking down SD-6.” She helped her mother up to her feet. “Papa is with the other raiders. Come, we’re supposed to get out of here. He’s going to blow it all up, burying the bad guys.” She nodded toward Sloane.

Irina looked at her as they walked toward the door. “What about the Alliance?”

“I don’t know.”

Just then Jack appeared in the hallway, carrying his Glock special. “Everything’s going down. Our men have taken out the Alliance’s security force. We need to exit.”

“Jack,” Irina cried. “Our plan?”

“I’ve notified all the intelligence agencies. I wouldn’t be surprised that raids have started by this time. I don’t think we need to be here when the others arrive. I’ve sent the men home. Are you all right? ”

“Da.” Irina seemed gain her strength with each step.

He put his arm around Irina, helping her down the hallway. “Alexandra, you need to get out of here now.”

“But Papa,” she said looking at her mother, “I’m an agent for Sloane.”

“Yes, but you need to be home. The CIA cannot suspect you had anything to do with this. Wait for your handler,” he frowned, “ummm, Vaughn?”

She nodded, blushing slightly. She held the door open for her parents who entered the elevator. “Maybe he’ll call…or not.”

Irina chuckled softly. “He’ll call, sweetheart. Just be home. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine. Jack, I’m okay. Really. Let’s get out of here before it blows…that was the plan wasn’t it?”

“Yes.” He watched as Alexandra hurried down the hallway toward the underground garage.

“Did you get the information?”

“Yes and uploaded everything to our computer.” He pushed her through the door. “Hurry, there’s not much time left.” He glanced at his watch. “The car is here.” He threw open the door and shoved her inside. Jumping to the driver’s side, he managed to get the Lincoln sedan out the garage in less than a minute. They were two blocks away when he heard the muffled sound of what was the expected explosion. SD-6 was gone.

Jack smiled placing his hand over Irina’s left one. “Feeling better?”

“Da, my darling,” she leaned back against the head rest, “I am fine. Where are we going?”

“First to my apartment here…then to our new one in Italy.”


AN: I know I didn’t cover all the different episodes, but that wasn’t my purpose in writing this. It’s fiction and my purpose was not to kill Irina or Jack. I wanted them to have a future which neither had in JJ’s Alias. After all I’m a romantic. I just wanted to get them together in a parallel universe where things were not the same. I’m going to be posting an epilogue shortly.
Dec 28, 2004
St. Louis, Missouri
I liked what you did...
I especially liked that SLoane was shocked when he found out who Alexandra really was...
Glad everything went according to plan.
Thanks for the pm.
Looking forward to the epilogue
Jun 19, 2006
I love what you've done because I'm such a silly romantic and they should have ended up together in Alias too. Thank you for relieving us with this great story after the horrible shock J.J.Abrams has given us. Please write a loooong epilogue :wish:


Jan 22, 2003
So. California

Florence, Italy

Andy George hefted his backpack onto his back after pulling it from the baggage carrier. He looked around and saw most of the passengers heading for the exit. There didn’t seem to be anyone within his vision that he recognized. Andy stood barely six foot with a slight build that almost equated to his stated weight on his passport of 160. He wasn’t even sure he weighed that. His grey eyes scanned the people as he walked out into the bright sunlight of the Italian sky. It was hot. He put on his sunglasses.

“Andy?” The voice was low, slightly accented.

He turned in direction of the voice and blinked. Irene Bristow, Jack’s wife, stood a few feet away, a smile on her face. She looked slightly darker. There were sun streaks in her hair. Her dark eyes were covered by round dark glasses. She wore a simple white dress with a gold wrist watch and gold bracelet. Sandals adorned her feet and a large straw tote was slung around her right shoulder. A matching large brimmed straw hat, sat on her head. He sighed. She was still as beautiful as he remembered, even though it’d been over two years since he last saw the Bristows in his store.

“Hey,” he smiled. “Glad to see you, Mrs. Bristow.”

She met him and put her left arm through his right. “Me too! Come, Jack’s waiting in the car.”

They hurried outside. Irina propelled him along toward a black Mercedes, parked at the curb a few feet away. An airport security guard was heading for the car also. Irina paid him no attention knowing Jack would handle everything. She gestured to him and Jack popped the trunk. Andy put his backpack inside and shut it.

By the time Irina sat down next to Jack and Andy took a seat in the rear, the security guard had been placated with a hundred euros and sent on his way. Jack pulled away from the curb and entered the autostrada a few minutes later heading toward their home in Firenze (Florence).

“Hello Andy,” Jack finally said. “How’ve you been?”

“Great. Thanks for the first class ticket. It was a terrific flight. I probably would never have had the chance to fly first class if you hadn’t sent me a ticket.”

“You deserved it.” Jack said.

“Why did you want to see me?”

“Why not enjoy the ride, Andy,” chimed in Irina. “Have you been to Italy before?”

“No! Haven’t been out of the states.”

Jack nodded. “Enjoy the scenery. We’ll talk when we get home.”

An hour later, Andy was seated in a large room somewhere in the heart of the city. He knew it was near a cathedral. They parked on the outskirts central part of the city in a private garage and then walked a few blocks to a large building. Andy was surprised to see that Jack had installed two security entrances: one which needed a key card to unlock the alarm and a large ornate key to open the door.

When they entered the entranceway, Jack pushed a button on his key ring and doors to a private elevator opened. At the top floor, they exited into a large room with several double doors that led out onto a patio that ran around three sides of the room.

“Want a beer?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, that’d be nice.”

Irina turned to the kitchen located on the right. A large restaurant-sized refrigerator stood along the wall. She extracted two beers and followed the men out onto the terrace. It was getting to be afternoon and there was a breeze stirring. It was one reason she and Jack lived most of the time on the top floor. They slept on the floor below where there were two guest bedrooms as well. Andy would be staying in one of them for the time being.

“Here you are,” she said handing each man a beer and sitting down next to Jack. Her left hand found his right and held it.

“So,” said Andy taking a deep swallow of the cold beer, “why am I here?”

“We want to hire you to be our tech man exclusively.” Jack said. “Irina and I are going into business and we’ll need someone with your capabilities and genius to work for us.”

“What kind of business?”

“We’re going to be problem-solvers for a price.” Jack took a swallow of the beer. “Both Irina and I have been well-trained by our respective governments and we see no reason to not use that for a business, especially now we are retired.”

Andy finished his bottle. Irina motioned to the empty bottle, but he declined the silent offer for another. “So you are going into business to help people. Why do you need me?”

“We’re going to set you up in business, doing what you’ve been doing. The except-rule is that we will be your exclusive client.” Jack finished his. “What have you been working on lately?”

“Wait! You want to be an exclusive client?”

“We’ll pay you six figures a year. How does $250,000 sound?”

Andy blinked. “You’re joking?”

“No, we aren’t,” said Irina, talking for the first time since they sat down. “You impressed me with the tiny com Links. You are incredible. We need you.”

Jack grinned. “I’ve got a large building rented nearby. We’ll build you a lab such as you’ve never had before and trust me, we’ll make sure you are safe. No one will ever know you work for us. What do you say?”

“Okay!” Andy had never had an offer like this, even though he graduated Cum Laude from MIT four years ago. He loved what he did and it was only by chance that he met Jack Bristow about four years ago. It had always been his intention to go into business for himself.

“What are you working on now?” Jack asked.

Andy shrugged, “I’ve got a lot of ideas. Give me the parameters of your job, including your plan of attack. I’ll figure something to give you an edge.”

Irina stood, “Good. I start dinner. We’ll eat near nine. The sauce needs to cook.” She disappeared inside.

“Why did you call her Irina? I thought her name was Irene?”

“Irene is the English for Irina, which is her real name.”

Andy George joined Jack and Irina in their new enterprise. Both of the Bristows had multitudinous contacts all over the world. During the year prior to Andy’s arrival, they had informed them all they were back in business…a Rescue for Hire.

It was not long before word was out that Rescue for Hire would handle problems not meant for close scrutiny by police or governments. Their fees, of course, were high, but so was the danger that they and the company faced that made their fees seem reasonable.

Six months later Jack and Irina had handled two difficult cases with excellent results: a kidnapping of the daughter of a President whose country was located in the so-called Third World was ended when the four men who planned and executed the deed were found dead. The daughter was delivered back to the President unharmed and untouched. The next job was the recovery from a sophisticated heist of a large bank in Saudi Arabia of over two hundred million in bearer bonds. Irina discovered the bonds which had been stolen were a part of a money-laundering scheme for the so-called Russian mafia. The bank did not blink at the 25% recovery fee, especially when she told the banker in charge that his government would most likely arrest him. The banker had the fee transferred into Rescue for Hire’s off shore bank.

“How much did we make,” asked Irina, leaning over Jack who was on their computer. It was almost midnight. They had returned to their home in Florence only a couple of hours earlier.

“Twenty five million,” he answered, checking the transfer of the money into a hidden off-shore account. Turning off the computer, he turned the chair around and pulled her into his lap. “God, you smell good.”

She laughed softly, “The better I smell, the quicker I get you into bed, moya milochka.”

Jack picked her up in his arms and kissed her. “Are you happy?”

Her mouth widened into a smile. “As long as I have you, I will always be happy.”

Later after fulfilling sex, Jack cradled Irina in his arms. “What have you heard from Sasha?”

“Nothing since she called us last month. We’ve been out of touch remember?” She sighed.

He yawned, “Yes. Then what do you think about asking her to join us…making it a family business?”

“Hummm, why not? We’ll soon be too old to climb walls and run hard. We can use some young blood. Let’s get some sleep and we can try to reach her tomorrow.” She closed her eyes.

Alexandra Brestov turned in her resignation to the CIA as Angela Benton and then made her way to Russia where she terminated her job with SVR. She gave as her reason to both organizations as a medical necessity. She had MS. This was backed up by a doctor’s letter and copies of tests run on her, proving the diagnosis. Naturally Jack arranged for all of them.

She joined Rescue for Hire a little over two years after she and Papa had rescued Mama from SD-6, which was only the beginning of the end of The Alliance. In three weeks, The Alliance was gone, swallowed up and cut apart by government intelligence agencies that wanted to put an end to the organization.

Freed from rules, regulations and hypocritical moralities, the Bristows aka Rescue for Hire were living their lives on the edge and enjoying every minute of it.

FINI :love: :detective:
Jun 19, 2006
First to review!! Your story was really good and it was refreshing to read with a different point of view. I'm looking forward to read new stories of yours. :thumbup:
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