Turning English Words into Symbols and Glyphs


Hi Everyone.

I posted about a year back about Dscript, but have added quite few updates and additions.

Dscript can be thought of as a "form of English cursive writing". It merges Chinese pen strokes and character design principles wit the roman alphabet, allowing English word to come as close as possible to a logographic representation without loosing the actual letters and words(like Chinese characters).

I have put it all online, and reserve no license, royalty, fee rights. Do as you please, just dont claim you invented Dscript itself.

I recently started adding some "Dscript lessons", these are bassicly little sketches where I outline the actual process of the letter combination like in the image below.



There is also the full manual (available in online version and pdf download)
This teaches all the basic skills and the letter combinations. It is a guide and index for using Dscript to make symbols and glyphs out of English words.
Learning to write Dscript can produce tons of different styles and looks. Below is a simple example with a basic pen.


Finally there is also a generator, it generates Dscipt text from your input text. There are sooo many possible combinations that I could only put the most common in the generator. It is far from perfect, and much less attractive than human hand written, but it can be fun and shows off the basics of Dscript.
Dscript Generator

I would love any comments suggestions. I am thinking fantasy/sci-fi artists, game designers and game artists may find it fun.

Anyways, hope you find it fun and useful,

Kindest regards,