TV Guide : Worst of 2003

Being a former ABC soap fan i still read stuff about them just for the hell of it...

i was reading the tv guide and Michael Logan who does the "On Soaps" column in the TV Guide titled his article this week on The Worst of 2003...and he wrips ABC a new one! ha

I was a Port Charles & General Hospital fan, dont know why but I stopped watching General Hospital after Port Charles was cancelled so you can imagine why what im gonna quote from the article amuses me lol

"ABC Daytime chief Brian Frons-a tough and cavalier negotiator-abruptly cancelled his best and most intriguing show Port Charles, and also made it clear that the casts of his three remaining soaps can no longer coast on past glory"...talking about how Frons fired Kin Shriner (Scotty) and Anna Lee (Lila).....

he goes on to talk about OLTL..then GH
"GH, once thrilling and brainy, is now empty and exasperating. It also gave us the most imbecillic plot of the year..." talking about Alexis being the butler for the Q's

"...It was a "drag" for viewers and a big dis to Nany Lee Grahn, one of daytimes most greatest talents"

is there any one else who finds this hilarious
Frons screwed ABC over this year BIG TIME
i thought he was great when he did the hour long episode for Port Charles but now hes screwing ABC Daytime over big time