TV Shows that never were...

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Even with all of the bad junk that gets shown on TV there is even worse that we don't even hear about. Before any show gets on the air a "pilot" is made and based upon that single episode the fate of the show is decided. Some pilots that get turned into a series end up never airing the pilot because of cast changes or plot & character changes and other times they'll act as the official first episode of the series. More often than not though pilots are tossed aside, rejected, destined to never make their way out to us on the airwaves.

ABC tonight at 8:00pm will be showing some of these long-lost pilots. :D

So what does all of this have to do with Sci-Fi?
... highlighted in the special are "Samurai D.A.," a late-'70s NBC effort about a man who is a prosecutor by day and sword-wielding warrior by night; "Higher Ground," which starred John Denver as a butt-kicking FBI agent; and "I-Man," starring Scott Bakula as a regular Joe whose freak encounter with a blast of "space gas" leaves him with the awesome power of being able to heal quickly.


Among the crowd-pleasers that have run as part of the Other Network's screening series include the notorious Fox pilot "Heat-Vision and Jack," helmed by Ben Stiller and starring Jack Black as an ex-astronaut and Owen Wilson as the voice of his talking-motorcycle sidekick, and "Lookwell!" the early 1990s detective drama spoof starring Adam West (a pilot hall of famer if there ever was one) that was penned for NBC by Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel.

You all know now where to find me tonight at 8:00pm. You can read more about tonight's show here on CNN.