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Rolling Stone said:
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli,...
Bummer. The vampires have no fangs. The humans are humdrum. Thespecial effects and makeup define cheeseball. And the movie crowdsin so many characters from Stephenie Meyer?s book that CatherineHardwicke (Thirteen) is less a director than a trafficcop. But there?s a reason that Twilight has already becomethe movie equivalent of a bestseller: The love story has teeth.Props to Kristen Stewart, 18, and Robert Pattinson, 22, forplaying this uncool-girl-meets-undead-boy story with genuineromantic ardor. They?re both terrific. Even when the movie getsreally silly, they never do. Stewart (Panic Room, Intothe Wild) brings just the right blend of ferocity and feelingto the role of Bella Swan, the loner from Phoenix who leaves hermom to live with her police-chief dad in rarely sunny...
Rating: 2 Stars
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My Fifteen year old Daughter is obsessed by it, seen it twice already and loved it to bits. and if that's the demographic it's aimed at then it's sure fire sequel time.

Apparently the author gets a cameo role that a lot of people will miss if they're not quick....
My sister loved the movie , and is addicted to the books. I actually really enjoyed the film , it was just a little wierd to have a fangless vampire movie , mabie that's just me.

The next film is suppose to explore the werewolf storyline.