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I've had friends over at Vanguard Radio since my days working with Vanguard sites and following the game. DJ QforQ, the radio owner, has recently made an announcement regarding the future of the station. I told him I'd be happy to post something here, since we have folks from a wide variety of games here at HH.

The Uberguilds Network and Vanguard Radio are excited to announce the launch of Uberguilds Radio, the newest internet radio station for the MMO community. Uberguilds Radio will go to great lengths to put the spotlight on those who make the games we love great.

Uberguilds Radio will be made up of staff from Vanguard Radio, a radio station for the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes community. Over the past ten months since its inception Vanguard Radio produced several podcasts, interviewed developers, and was featured in the January issue of Massively Online Gamer magazine. The station is now expanding to become Uberguilds Radio and promises to keep a high level of quality and its close relationship with the MMO community while it covers multiple games.

At launch Uberguilds Radio will cover a group of MMOs, starting with a focus on Vanguard, World of Warcraft, EverQuest 2, to the upcoming Warhammer Online, Tabula Rasa, and Age of Conan. In the future there will be room to expand to cover other games as our staff and demand grows.

Uberguilds Radio will launch on Saturday June 9th at 12pm EST (5pm GMT) with an all day broadcast featuring multiple DJs, call-ins and more! You can tune in to Uberguilds Radio through its website at www.UberguildsRadio.com

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

-The Uberguilds Network and Uberguilds Radio
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Heh well, I told him I'd talk to him about that later, when there's actually more info about HJ and release, etc. Warhammer is gearing up for beta... no word yet about HJ beta sooo...