Having witnessed one myself hovering over a chemical plant in Manchester England in 1999, i too believed we must be being visited by aliens. That was until i came across the appearances & Jesus & Mary to the visionary Veronica at Bayside USA (1970-94), there were many miracles performed there. Amongst other things she was told was that Satan & his cohorts were flying these craft around the world to trick mankind into believing aliens exist. When the christian church is Raptured news media will report to those left behind that a mass alien abduction has occurred. I am currently watching Operation Bluebook on the Sci Fi channel, which i am enjoying. The truth is indeed out there but it is spiritual not extraterrestrial.
OK, I'll ask... why would Satan need to fool people into thinking they were aliens?

Because when the christian church is Raptured he wants the world to believe that aliens are responsible as opposed to the divine act that took place.
Because when the christian church is Raptured he wants the world to believe that aliens are responsible as opposed to the divine act that took place.
So why aliens? Why not just mask such an event as a natural cataclysm?
I don't think it could ever be masked as anything natural, if you had an aunt & uncle who suddenly disappeared along with reports of others, you would think that weird & this is where the UFO phenomenon will come into it. I saw a survey the other week where 80% of respondents said they believed in other alien life in the universe, other surveys have followed suit so he is on to a winner with this theory. A good book i believe on the subject is "UFO's What On Earth Is Going On" by John Weldon 1975. Satan at the moment is still prince of the skies as he resides in the upper atmosphere with his demons until he is thrown down to earth mid Tribulation by St Michael the archangel & Heavens forces.
The seer Wendy Alec in her books "The Fall Of Lucifer", "The 1st Judgement", "Son Of Perdition" etc which she calls the Fathers story, a mixture of fact & fiction, tells us that Lucifer & his angels rebelled against God when he created this inferior being called man in his own image. They were cast out & turned into demons, but won jurisdiction over mankind with the fall of Adam & Eve,it was only the divine sacrifice on the cross with the undefiled blood of Jesus which broke this stranglehold & the way was open again for those who wished to return to their maker through the instigation of his christian church on earth. And so the 2,000 year old spiritual battle with him & his forces began down here as he seeks to take as many souls down with him as he can.
Two of my own links to Bayside were that when the UFO & Consciousness show came to Manchester in 2017, it took place across the road from where i had witnessed the UFO in 1999. They spread the message of Ancient Alien theory & other theories relating to extraterrestrial contacts where they will come back to lift our race to a higher level of consciousness. I had a letter published on the matter in the local press the other year on the feast of the Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary.
So given what was said at Bayside & what the trusted seers of the day like Jonathan Cahn are saying i believe we are living through the period covered by the Book Of Revelation, Satans cloned son for instance who was born in December 1981 will come out of Egypt & appear on the world stage as a charismatic leader at the beginning of the Tribulation period.
Two prophesies to look out for which will happen fairly soon i believe, from Bayside men with beards will attack Rome & the pope will be forced to flee, Ezekiel 38/39 many scholars believe tells of when Putins Russia along with the armies of Iran/Turkey etc mass their forces on the mountains above Israel and an earthquake in the area decimates there armies.