UFO Sighting Akela NM Aug 2019 **Pictures**


This craft, or whatever it was. hovered over akela nm for over 20 minutes august 2019. it began as a small speck, then became increasingly larger as it seemingly descended. The clearest picture (Below, top) was taken with telephoto function when the object was largest in the sky. Eventually it ascended and after five or so minutes of ascending, getting smaller, it disappeared. These are my photographs taken with a sony cybercam. There was moderate chemical spraying and active auroral experimentation going on during this episode, and I wonder if this is one of the holograms of project bluebeam....the last two pix show the chemtrail activity, a line of deagglomerated particulate in aerosol form below the object....b
i was punished this morning for putting those pix up, this little electrochemical machine hit me so hard with directed energy it changed the settings on the computer. that single line goes all the way back eastg to fort bliss, where a lot of the western active auroral tech is run from....this is one way they can remote access hard drives....top secret nsa tech based on tesla stuff which the navy got and made top secret after tesla died. its a takeover tech, very expensive, americans paying of course, but not privy to effects, and govt lying through its teeth, saying it is national defense, it is fascism defense is what it is......b
still catching hell for this, oh well, that makes it funner....if these nitwits could do any better they would, thats the scary part....b