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Hi everyone,
I see that many people post UFO and Ghost stories, so I am posing mine from the past. I used to belong to the Manchester UFO Association and have my own UFO group called ETRA. During childhood living in Prestwich in the UK I witnessed a strange UFO encounter.

I saw over the Convent of the Nazarene on Ostrich Lane Prestwich a UFO. Initially, I went to the area with a friend and we went into a playing field on the aforementioned road. This would have been around 1970 thereabouts. I was a child at the time and we went up towards the Convent wall, which was a massive red brick wall. The day was very hot and no clouds in the sky. Suddenly, there was a cold breeze and the air became very fresh. Then, in the sky, a small dot appeared, as we looked the dot quickly expanded into a snow white cloud. Out of the cloud, a small object appeared in the shape of a bob sledge. On this stood what looked like a figure of a man. Then, an elliptical object appeared in the sky, which was light grey in colour. The man shaped object moved across toward the ellipse and after this I think he moved back again. The grey UFO shot straight up into the blue sky and vanished. The man went back to the sled shaped object and the cloud bubbled up again and immediately shrank down to a centre point and vanished. It was like seeing an old television set where the TV used to shrink to a centre point before vanishing. My recollection of this is somewhat hazy, but it happened. I also had a further sighting when a UFO appeared over the forested area at the back of my home. This was metallic grey and hexagon or octagon in shape we could see the underside but not the top part. Two friends of mine saw this; it remained for about 1h30m before vanishing. Since then I have accumulated a great deal of UFO material and have some unique insights into the UFO world. I will post more if possible on this and other subjects.
The google earth coordinate for my sighting are Lat 53°31'33.24"N Long 2°16'8.65"W if you want to check out the erea. Some pics of the area are attached. Have you had strange sighting at any time in life, I would like to know.

Thanks and happy Christman to everyone - Vod


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Not being familiar with that part of the world, are those locations near sites that might be of interest to visitors? Like near a military base or nuclear plant?
my own UFO group called ETRA
What does ETRA stand for?
I have seen the tiny dot vanish into the sky before. I was stargazing in my back yard and one of the stars started to move really fast across the sky it did I diamond shape across the sky then disappeared in the same fashion. it was too far up to make the shape of it but I knew it wasn't a plane, a shooting star or even a regular star.