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For me Stanton Freidman is a cool guy, I like when he said: "SETI, that's the fantasy." NASA still won't say anything about extraterrestials (or alien craft flybys) other than they haven't seen anything, nor is there any evidence that people from other worlds or dimensions exsist.

(S.E.T.I. - search for extraterrestial intellegence)

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Some aliens don't like Nuclear Weapons

UFO very powerful nuclear weapons....

Who knows which aliens have destructive weapons, perhaps some have rid themselves of offensive weapons and replaced them with defensive weapons.

If there really is an alien race that has the power to shut down our nuclear weapons (which sounds very possible), I'd say they're definately trying to send humans a possitive message: "Using these weapons are dangerous to everyone!"
I think it's pretty reasonable to assume that if an alien spacecraft can get here it will have on board the sort of technology that we could barely dream about. I think they could well shut down nuclear missiles, as to why, perhaps to see if they can, it may come in handy for them one day.

SETI is no fantasy, there's some very dedicated, very smart people working in SETI. Why look for extraterrestrial intelligence, maybe because terrestrial intelligence is becoming quite elusive.

My personal opinion is...I think it quite possible the planet is being 'kept an eye on'. If there are species out there that are capable of inter-stellar flight it would be prudent for them to keep an eye on our development.

I would be wary however of anything coming from someone (SF) who's most often used phrase is "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence". I wouldn't take any of this wilder conspiracy stuff that's put forward as truth too seriously. Remember, the important part of this is "Absence of evidence". Documents with no evidence of provenance should be discarded.


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We pulled an FOI on an organisation recently, asked about a return of scheduled acts between certain dates and received a "there are no **** acts at this time". Combined with another act that is prepping to set up right now that will greatly support the first act, we could, if paranoid, think that the first act is about to re-occur. We have no proof of the first act, but the fact the second act was used in the past to create a moral issue with the first, even though the second act could be used in all innocence, is a risk.

Now, if you understand that, but you don't have details of the two acts, you're probably already starting to think, "well, there's logic at play here, and without evidence it doesn't mean it's not going to happen." With my situation, there has been historic evidence of acts.

With alien interaction, there has already been alien interaction, or at least uncertain alien interaction, which is blurring the lines and causing it to be very difficult to answer one way or the other.

For a ship to travel 60 light years, crash and kill everyone aboard, is that believable? For a ship to travel 60 light years and disable nuclear weapons in silos to push a subtle message forward to world leaders? Far, far more believable. We seem to be locked into a time scale waiting for exposure, at the right time for humanity. Will it happen in our lifetimes though, or do we die wondering if our kids, or grandkids get to live through it.
Jesus! I know I have some panadol around here somewhere.

I suspect the brusque response you got from the government department in response to your FOI was simply due to frustration, too many people asking for stuff that never existed in the first place, or had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what the enquirer is interested in. I wouldn't read anything into that personally.

As far as aliens sending subtle messages to world governments goes, why would they bother. Why would they fly n light years to get here, then disable nuclear weapons or draw patterns in fields, and then fly home again. It makes no sense. This would be like flying to the other side of the world, breaking into a complete strangers garage, disabling his car, and then flying back home again without knocking on his front door. It would be pointless. If they do in fact shut down nuclear weapons I think it will be for their benefit, not ours.

As they would have travelled n light years to get here I think they would deliver any message they had for world governments in a very obvious way. They would fly up the Thames, or to use the old chestnut 'land on the Whitehouse lawn'.


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Oh no :) The FOI wasn't rleated to the topic here, but on an educational institution, not UFO related, on a moral question. I was in involved in a scheme before the Arab Springs started up and they closed the scheme eventually after they received too much moral pressure. They appear to be putting things in place to restart it again.

I've seen shocking replies in FOI's on supposed non-lethal weapons for use on civilians, quoting military regulations in warfare. And amusing educational institution ones about certain subject matters not for here.

But what I meant is that the replies, language use and information can lead people to believe that their questions haven't been answered, that there is something being hidden, and it just makes things blow up out of control, strength conspiracy theories, and create more FOI's!

Recently in the UK they are turning round and saying the creation of the system was for greater transparency in government and to ensure things work better. They've failed to make things better and we may be looking at the end of the scheme at some point in the near future.

Pointless acts? I'm guessing you've never been in the army :)