(UK only) Outland on 2205hrs BBC3, 23/04/08


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Outland (1981) - IMDb

Tonight one of Sean Connery's best films is on UK digital freeview channel BBC3 at 2205hrs - 0015hrs

Don't miss this chance to see the film which is a scifi version of the wild wild west, where a Marshall fights the corruption in the company and faces impending death as the last stagecoach (shuttle) coming into town holds the hired gunmen coming to remove him from annoying the company!

Interestingly, across the other channels and clashing with this great movie are :

Jason X
Resident Evil : Apocalypse
Fantastic Four
Working Girl
Hard Target

With Working Girl on another BBC channel obviously not directly competing for the same audience, it does appear people have been peeking at each others film scheduling and trying to counter for audience!