Under 7? 3D may not be for you!


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WARNING: 3D Video Hazardous to Your Health

The link description says it all. Previous research done into 3D format gaming suggests high risk of nerve issues with the way of viewing the images. We've already heard of one car accident in the US after someone viewed a 3D film at the cinema, there may be more incidents turning up shortly with the advent of 3D tv's and gaming. Nintendo and 3D tv makers are issuing advice now that under 7's shouldn't use them. Adults may be affected too. Indeed they are recommended to wait after a viewing until they are sure they can drive or even walk away.

Imagine if a whole technology has to get scrapped? We'll be waiting on hologram tv's now I think. A proper physical 3D unit display or projection. And of course, that will only work in a completely dark room and never look as good. We may be stuck with 2D tv after all. So much for scifi imagining a world of 3D tv's.
I can't help but wonder how many parents will ignore this bit of advice when the 3DS comes out. Sounds like a few lawsuits will be coming in the next few years....