Under rated Actors

I decided to start a thread about under-rated actors since they’re so many in this image-obsessed world we live in. I included some people, who in my opinion, are under-rated on different levels but still, under-rated.
Feel free to post your opinions on which you think is under-rated.

Under rated: underestimated; given little acknowledgement of great achievements etc.

Hans Matheson. He is a 28 year old actor from Scotland who has been in such films as:
Nero (TV)
Doctor Zhivago (TV). Played lead role, co-star was Keira Knightly
The Mists of Avalon (TV)
Les Miserables

Reason why he is under rated: Extremely talented, hasn't been recognized by the public, hasn't been in a lot of movies which he should be.
Picture of Hans Here
More Info. on Hans Here

John Cusack. A lot of people know who he is, but he hasn't gotten enough recognition for his talent. He's been in such films as:
High Fidelity
Being John Malkovich
Stand by me
Sixteen Candles
Pictures and Info on John Here

John Malkovich. Probably the smartest actor around. Stays out of the public eye so he isn’t a media kiss-butt. He’s been in:
Les Miserables(TV)
Shadow of a Vampire
Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
Man in the Iron Mask
Of Mice and Men
Dangerous Liaisons
The Killing Fields
Pictures and Info. on John Here

Sarah Polley. Young Canadian actress who is also a director, writer, producer, etc. She is smart, talented, and stays out of the media hyped stuff. She’s been in:
Road to Avonlea(TV series)
Pictures and Info. on Sarah Here

Nicole Kidman.
I know, I know, she got an Oscar and we all know who she is but, her talent is still overlooked my controversy and image. She is really talented, more so than “Tom”. She’s been in:
Her long list of works are here along with photos and bio.

Tom Hulce.
In my opinion, he is probably the most under rated person on this list. Is extremely talented as well as smart. Stays out of the media cra*p . Probably didn’t get a lot of attention because he doesn’t have the leading man look. All the roles he chose are completely different. Turned down several big-name directors and movies because he didn’t have a passion for the role; therefore chooses quality over money/fame. Is a very talented singer. Has been in:
Animal House
Amadeus (y) Stared as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Voice of Quasimodo in Hunchback of Notre Dame
Tom's Bio Here
Both these songs do not have the best sound quality, but they are still listenable.
Clip of Tom singing "Heaven's Light" from Hunchback of Notre Dame
"Tom singing "Out There" full

Matt Damon. Has been overshadowed by his retared friend Affleck/Bennafer (You are probably thinking that "retarted" is a mean word to use, in this case, it's just a fact)

Lauren Graham. Mother in the Gilmore Girls. Way more talented and funny than Julia Roberts. Hay, it's true.
Lauren info

I probably forgot to add so many people to this list but this is all I could think of right now. So fill me in you guys! :smiley:
Also, learned a lot about these people when looking them up on search engines. I'm surprised some of them have such well put together fan pages. Dedicated fans. lol

:lol: Message from a Toronto Cracker :lol:
Parker Posey, shes a comedic genius and shes soo versatile
Clea Duvall
Jennifer Garner...she doesnt get the recognition she deserves for her dramatic/emotional scenes.
Simon Baker - the guy is great his tv show, the guardian is awesome and hes so underrated
oh man Sarah Polley is great.
I'd have to say David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter. They're awesome actors, and I don't think they get half as much credit as they deserve.

And of course, Alyson Hannigan and Eliza Dushku. They're my favorite actresses, and can do ANYTHING, but they don't get anywhere near enough credit. Especially Eliza.
Yeah I would have to agree with you Dani....Eliza doesnt get enough credit. Or maybe its just that the movie's she does doesn't fit the pubilc's eye...but her movies do appeal to me ^_^


Tragic Romantic
Carrie-Anne Moss. I know that she was in the Matrix trilogy and everything, but she played Trinity so well, and she never has really been recognized for it. I haven't seen Memento, but I have heard that she did so well in it, yet she wasn't really credited for that. I mean Carrie-Anne is my favorite actress.

She also stays out of the public eye. I was looking at People magazine last week, and they were saying about celebrity babies of 2003. Well CAM had a baby in September and the magazine did not say a thing about her baby. Also she has been underrated for just being Trinity, not for being an all-around actress.
Piper Perabo, is excellent, saw Coyote Ugly, enjoyed it, thought it was my soft spot for chick flicks, but turns out, it was probably because she's skilled like whoa. Saw her in Cheaper By the Dozen, and decided to take a deeper look into her film history. And the conclusion made is that she's awesome.
Oh, and technically according to box office results ext., Matt Damon has had a more successful career than Ben Affleck, and yet who get's all the media attention?(just cuz he's J-Lo's bitca). There's the difference between an actor and a celebrity. Although I think I'd like Ben Afleck better without the whole Bennifer thing, because before he seemed more like a professional, and more like a regular guy or whatever, anyway. Anyway, Ben Afleck might be more recognizable, but Matt Damon was not in Gigli.
Paul Bettany is underrated too. He's a way better actor than Russel Crowe, and has a better screen presence.

*nods head in agreement*

Speaking of him, he's gonna be in a new movie this year called, "Wimbledon" about this tennis player! Sounds exciting :D
A few of the actors I think are pretty underrated:

Gerard Butler... he's been in numerous movies such as Timeline, Dracula 2000, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life, and Reign of Fire. He always cast as the sidekick or supporting character, but he always seems to almost steal the scene from the principal actor.

Gerard Butler's IMDB profile

Brian Van Holt... my friends and I affectionately refer to him as "Think of Shane West. He's just a boy. BVH is a man!" He really does look like he could be Shane West's brother. BVH has been in a handful of good movies in the past couple years like Basic (which is an amazingly good movie), Windtalkers, Confidence, Black Hawk Down, and SWAT. In SWAT he had a nasty fake mustache which I suspect they made him wear so that he wouldn't be prettier than Colin Farrell

BVH's IMDB profile

Speaking of overshadowing Colin Farrell, another pick of mine is Gabriel Macht. He's been in The Recruit and American Outlaws with Colin Farrell. Other movies include Behind Enemy Lines and Grand Theft Parsons. He is an amazing actor that is given the supporting role when he really has enough talent to headline.

Gabirel Macht's IMDB profile[/URL}

Ashley Scott was in the short-lived WB series Birds of Prey in which she played the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. I thought that she brought a lot of deep to a role that could have seemed extremely superficial. It was highly disappointing when this show got canceled. She's been trying to make movies, but a small part in SWAT and A.I. haven't helped her much.

[url="http://us.imdb.com/name/nm1008709/"]Ashley Scott's IMDB profile