Under the Fang, ed by Robert McCammon


Orthodox Herbertarian

I really have not been into horror since I was a kid, though I did go through a vampire phase during my teen-age years, and I am currently a zombie freak. My vampire phase ended about the time that this anthology was published sometime in 1991. This may have been the last vampire book I read during my horror-days, and though I loved it, I did switched over to SF then for good and never turned back. I have always had some serious questions about what horror is supposed to be about. Most critics argue that modern horror really is not about fear, but rather survival. I suppose that I can buy that, though what I really think is that a story about survival is nothing more than a re-branded story about the fear of death. These stories are all a little different though. The assumption here is that the world has been taken over by vampires. McCammon asked various authors in the Horror Writers Association to come up with some stories set in such a world. As themed anthologies go, its damn near perfect. There are very few stinkers in it, though the writing is a bit rough in patches. This is probably one of the best horror anthologies I have ever read, though since I'm really rusty with horror, that is not saying very much...Please click here, or on the book cover above, to be taken to the complete review..