Underneath It All


Mar 7, 2004
A/N: This takes place after the last scene of The Frame (when Sydney hangs up with Vaughn after he tells her that he's staying with Lauren). I really hope you enjoy this; feedback would be very nice! ;) Enjoy.

Underneath It All

There’s just so much s*** in the way of it
When it seems like nothing more will fit,
Another load is piled on top
The stack so high, so heavy that it’s hard to imagine anything could survive beneath

But it remains
Underneath it all

The first meeting is what started it in motion
Unsteady emotions crashing into each other like waves of an ocean
There was no trust, not yet
But I could see the care in his eyes, and I knew this was only the beginning

And it was growing
Underneath it all

One talk after another, and I could feel its formation
The growth was subtle overall, but strong in certain moments – a strange combination
But it was the realest thing I had felt in a while
As I was surrounded by the insanity that was my life

I could feel it
Underneath it all

Even with everything opposing us, I needed to be with him
And I could tell, he with me; it wasn’t just a whim
I cared for him differently than anyone else before
Because there were no lies between us; we could understand each other for who we really were.

It was bubbling, bursting to be out in the open
Underneath it all

It took us two years to go out on a date
But that in no way meant it was at all too late
We had dinner and then wanted something more
But our plans were ruined when those agents burst through the door

But it was still there, stronger than ever
Underneath it all

We found our freedom at last when SD-6 went down
And we felt each other for the first time without having to utter a sound
I don’t know how long we carried on with our celebratory kiss
Time didn’t matter as we remained locked by our lips

It was finally out for everyone to see without having to be
Underneath it all

For a few months, we were happier than most, it seemed
Until I discovered Francie wasn’t Francie when she suddenly liked coffee ice cream.
I fought harder than I had in my whole life
And when I woke up, Vaughn suddenly had a wife

But no matter what he had done while I was gone, I still felt it
Underneath it all

So now I sit here all alone
After having just spoken to Vaughn on the phone
I can’t help but cry through the pain and loneliness;
He’s still with his wife after having made plans for us again

But I know it’s still there because I can feel it tearing at my heart
Underneath it all

And sometimes when he looks at me
He’s all that I ever want to see
Because I can see it in the look in his eyes
And I know that his feelings for me haven’t changed

It’s there within him, and it’s reserved only for me
Because underneath it all
Is love

~ ~


Nov 17, 2003
San Diego, originally, now Vegas
That was so good, but at the same time so sad! You put her feelings into words that made me feel so bad for her and want to do something to take that pain away from her! I hate it when people are sad!

Very well written! Great Job!

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