Sep 20, 2003
First of all This is an S/V fic.

A/N: I promise this story is going to be very interesting. I have some pretty good ideas for it. The start is a little slow but it gets much better later. Please give it a chance and read at least the first chapter until the end. Any suggestions and constructive criticism are more than welcome, please review. If you want a pm just ask. And please forgive me any language errors, English is not my first language.

TIMEFRAME: Post “The Telling”, AU from there

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own this characters, sadly I don’t posses JJ’s master mind. I also don’t have any money, so suing me would have no point.

SUMMARY: Sydney has what seems to be a perfect new life, but is she really happy??? Will she be able to forget the past??? Specially when someone she didn’t expect shows up????


BACKSTORY: A few years have past after Sydney came back from dead. Almost immediately after she returned she decided that she needed to forget everything about the CIA and about Vaughn. She moved to a very small town and got a job teaching in high school. She has made great friends and knows almost everyone in town since it is a very small community. She also has a boyfriend that loves her very much. She has built an apparently perfect life. But things have never been really perfect for Sydney, have they?



Nicole sat in the café where she and other teachers from school meet everyday for breakfast. Today everyone was unusually late. Finally her friend Rachel arrived.

- Hey Rach, What’s up with everybody today????
- Why, I don’t know. I thought Syd was already here.
- Well she is not. That is weird…… She usually is here very early after her insanely early morning jog. I haven’t heard anything from her since yesterday.
- Me neither. I wonder what is she up to….?

Just then a very glowing Sydney approached her two friends.

- Hi – she said as she sat at the table-
- Hey girl – said Nicole – What is up with you? You’ve been MIA since yesterday.
- Yes, what have you’ve been up to?
- Um….. Well – replied Sydney- I went shopping, I went to the gym, I organizes my closet, Brian asked me to marry him…… that is pretty much it.

Rachel and Nicole started to scream and Sydney very excitedly showed them her engagement ring. They kissed her and hugged her. They were very giddy and happy.

After that they had to go to work. Brian was another teacher at the school. He was the P.E. teacher. He was good-looking, sweet to death, smart, funny and he really loved Sydney. They’ve been dating for a while now and he decided to propose Sydney in a very romantic evening.

- Hey beautiful – said Brian as he joined Sydney at lunch break later that day
- Hey – replied he as they kissed-
- Have you spread the happy news already?
- I told Rachel and Nicole.
- Just them!
- Yes, how about you?
- First I told Richard and Joseph, but the I couldn’t help myself and I told everyone!!! I think I even told people I don’t know. I am sorry I am so happy……

Sydney laughed.

- I also called my mom and my sister
- Oh, that is nice- said Sydney a little uncomfortable-

Brian just looked at her. Sydney was afraid that he was going to ask about her family. But fortunately he was thinking about something else.

- Hey Sydney, I was thinking that we should make an engagement party on Saturday at the local bar. You know…. Invite everyone in town. What do you think?
- It sounds great- Sydney said and smiled-

By the end of the week everyone knew about Brian and Sydney’s engagement and were looking forward for the party.
Saturday afternoon Nicole and Rachel went to Sydney’s apartment to have some girl talk and help her get ready for the important night.
Rachel was doing Sydney’s hair while Nicole was passing around the house a little bored.

- You know Syd – Nicole said- now that you are gonna move in with Brian, you are going to need to get rid of lots of things. Just remember that I am willing to accept anything that is pretty.

Sydney and Rachel laughed. Nicole had a very light personality that always kept them in a good mood.

- Yeah, I guess I’ll have to give up some stuff. What exactly do you he your eyes on Nicole?
- Well, lots of things actually. You have really nice things…… Um , First thing I want is that antique silver frame you have, I love it!- she said jokingly-
- No!- Sydney said- You can take anything but that frame.

Her friends looked at her puzzled. It was not like that her to speak so loud and harsh.

- Wow, Syd. Chill out. You know I am joking – Nicole said with her perpetual light mood- You know I am not really going to take anything.
- Yeah, I know….

She was going to change the subject but she realised that her friends were looking at her expecting further explanations to her outburst so she continued:

- That frame has sentimental meaning for me……It…it was a gift from someone very special, someone I loved very very much…….


SYDNEY: Sorry that I called you on the weekend. It's just that I needed to talk to you.
VAUGHN: You don't ever have to apologize for calling me. Speaking of which, I got you something.
SYDNEY: What? No, you didn't.
VAUGHN: (embarrassed) I don't know. I was in this store, you know, um... this little antique place.
SYDNEY: (big smile) What were you doing in an antique store?
VAUGHN: I don't know. (laughs nervously) Whatever. Um, look, if you don't like it just... don't tell me.
VAUGHN: Merry Christmas.
SYDNEY: Merry Christmas.
(He walks away.)
In her bedroom, Sydney looks at the gift bag from Vaughn and opens it. She takes off the pink tissue paper and finds an antique picture frame. She smiles. You can tell she loves it.
WILL: I have something that is yours. I guess I should give it to you….

SYDNEY: What is it?

WILL: After you disappeared…Some things were retrieved from your house. Since I used to live there too they gave me the things that weren’t important for the investigation. This was among those things….

Will handed her the silver frame and she started to sob.

WILL: It is intact…. I don’t know how… I didn’t give it to Vaughn because he was in no condition to….I was afraid he… Well I didn’t know how to give to him, so I just kept it. I know that you are mad at him right know, but I thought that you might want to have this. To keep something from him to remember…….specially now that you are leaving……

Syd looked at him with tears in her eyes.

SYDNEY: Thanks Will, I… I really want to keep this *sobs* Even though it is ironic ‘cause the only thing I want to do is to forget him……But I can’t make myself to throw this away. I may regret. Maybe someday I would be able to look at this frame and feel nothing…..


Rachel and Nicole stared at Sydney that was in the vers of tears.
- Dou you want to talk about this, honey?- asked Rachel concerned for her friend-
- No, that is person is gone anyway, for good. This is no big deal really – Sydney has regained her composure by then and was masking her emotions again- Let’s finish getting ready. We have to hurry!

Her friends nodded and continued what they were doing satisfied with Sydney’s apparently recovery.
Nicole and Rachel finished helping Sydney get ready first and then they got ready themselves. Sydney was wearing a simple black dress. She looked beautiful but somehow she wasn’t glowing as the day she told her friends she got engaged. After they were all ready to go they headed to the local bar. That was the place where all the night events happened. Al most everyone was there that night. The bar had a beautiful familiar atmosphere.
The girls arrived at the bar and Brian immediately spotted and walked towards his beloved wife-to-be smiling from ear to ear. Sydney returned the gesture with a weak smile. But it was pretty obvious that she was lost in her thoughts. However Brian was so joyful that didn’t even noticed that.

- Hello honey- he said as he approached Sydney-
- Hey.

He gave her a light kiss and proceeded to greet Nicole and Rachel. They were soon joined by Brian’s best friends Joseph and Rick. The couple received congratulations and best wishes from most of the guests. They chatted, drank, laughed and danced for a while. It was all about Brian and Syd that night. But even though Sydney laughed and smiled with the rest of the people she seemed to be absent. Nicole noticed that, however Brian seemed to be completely oblivious to that fact. “Men” she thought. Nicole decided to talk to Sydney about what she noticed. She wanted her friend to be happy and she didn’t looked quite happy. She already had some theories about what may have been causing Sydney’s unusually melancholic behaviour.

a) She was having prenuptial nervousness already.
b) She had commitment issues
c) Maybe…she was pregnant!….. That was very unlikely though.
And d)… This was her most elaborated theory and she was very proud about it. She was pretty sure it was the correct theory. This theory was about Sydney’s parents. She NEVER talked about them. Nobody even knew if they were alive but if that was the case she would remember them occasionally, no they weren’t dead….Most likely she had some kind of issues with them and she must be having some kind of inner struggle because of that.

Nicole walked towards Sydney and Brian.

- Hey Brian, May I steal your girlfriend for a while. I want to speak with her.
- Sure thing Nic, but don’t take too long. I want to make a toast to officially announce our engagement…
- Oh that’s great. We’ll be back in a few minutes I promise.
- OK, but before you go sweetie- he said looking at Syd- I was thinking that with should announce the wedding date…….what do you think?
- Yeah, that could be good. That way everyone will know in advance.
- OK then, let’s pick a day. It could be September 17th – he said holding a pocket calendar - or the 24th or …..
- You know what? – Sydney cut him- I really don’t care…I would marry you any day- she said sweetly- just pick the day and I’ll find out with the rest. I assure you it would be fine by me. Any day would be great.
- Really? Are you sure???
- Really. And I think I should talk to Nicole. I don’t know why but I have the feeling that it is something serious.
- Ok, go , but come back soon. I am going to make the toast in a moment.
- OK.

Sydney walked away with Nicole. When they were relatively apart Sydney asked:

- What do you want to talk to me about Nicky?
- I just wanted to make sure you are fine- she was preoccupied which was unusual for her- Is something wrong, Syd??? I can sense that something is bothering you….. and this is a very special night for you…

Sydney remained quiet for a second. She couldn’t believe that Nicole could sense her conflicted emotions. Her friend must be very perceptive or she must have started to forget her spy-training. She used to be able to hide her emotions perfectly from everyone, well everyone but one person…………”Don’t go there” she told to herself. Finally she spoke:

- I am fine Nic, really. You are so sweet to worry but I am all good. I was just remembering some things….. from my younger years. I guess that’s why I was a little absent. But I am OK. And you are right. This is a very special night for me. I should be happy……right?
- Of course you should be happy! You are a great woman, everyone loves you here. You have a great job that you love, your students adore you, you have great friends, you have a great boyfriend that loves you so much and you love him too. And you are going to have the most beautiful wedding. You don’t have any major problems, at least none that I know about……what else could you want?? Your entire life is perfect! You most definitely SHOULD be happy.

Her last words echoed in Sydney’s head: “your entire life”…. “perfect” yeah right “happy”………. Then why wasn’t she?? Because her entirelife wasn’t perfect of course.

- Yes I should be happy- she hesitated- I mean I AM happy. Of course I am Nic. Everything you said is true.

Sydney smiled hopping that she would just drop the subject.

- So…. This has nothing to do with your parents?

That took Sydney by surprise.

- What? No, not at all- she said sincerely-

Apparently Nicole sensed her sincerity because she didn’t push any further.
Brian chose that moment to make his toast and he gestured to Sydney to come closer. He stood on a chair. Everyone gathered around him. Syd stood a few feet away in front of him so she could make eye contact. Brian lifted his glass and started:

- I want to thank everyone for coming tonight to celebrate my engagement with this beautiful woman: Sydney Bristow. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am right know. I am…full of joy. My life couldn’t be any more perfect. Sydney, I know that we’ve only been dating for less than a year, but I feel like I’ve known you forever. I feel that I can tell you anything. You know EVERYTHING about me. I trust you so much. You are the first and only woman with whom I felt such confidence. I love you so much.
- To Syd and Brian- Rick said-
- To Syd and Brian- the rest repeated.

Sydney was touched but unease. She knew EVERYTHING about him and he knew so little about her…….But he was such a sweet guy and eventually she was going to tell him everything…. Or better yet, she might be able to forget it all, after all the past was gone…….Her thoughts were interrupted by someone asking:

- And when is the Big day??

Sydney motioned to her fiancé indicating that he was going to make the announce.

- Well…..- he said- Sydney has let me choose the date for our wedding, and…….
- And? – asked some impatient people –
- And…… I am happy to announce that Sydney is going to make me the happiest man on earth the day… October 1st !

The guests started cheering but everyone shut up by Sydney’s sudden yell:

- WHAT!!!!!!!!! What day did you choose!???- she screamed, anger evident in all of her actions.
- October 1st – Brian replied bewildered –
- No! – Sydney said, her voice still very loud and angry – We won’t get married That day – her eyes started to water –
- But you said any day would be fine. I don’t understand what is the problem, that is a perfectly fine day……
- No! – she continued yelling – I will not marry YOU that day!

By that time she had started crying. Nobody knew what to do so they just keep staring at her while she continued speaking:

- There are 365 days in a year, and you had to pick that day!!! Why?….. Why did you choose that day?……. Why?

Her sobs became uncontrollable. She turned around and focused on the exit. She ran towards it and soon was out of sight leaving everyone so perplexed by her sudden outburst that no-one even tried to stop her.
She ran without knowing where to go. Her pain was so deep and she was so confused. Why was it that some things were just UNFORGETTABLE?????


A/N I promise this will get much more interesting. Guess who is going to make a surprise appearance pretty soon. Let’s just say someone very unforgettable. And I am planning on incorporating spy-daddy and spy-mommy to the story. There is going to be some action, too. A little angst and of course fluff.


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This is really a great beginning !!!! (y)
I love it so far , so please don't stop!!!!
Can I get a PM when you update?
See you.
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hey alejandra!

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this is a good start, you've got a good story idea here. even if english isn't your first language, i think you're pretty good at it anyway. can't wait for vaughn to show!

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awww. everything is reminding her of vaughn... :( i love it so far and i can't wait until that someone shows up she doesn't expect. ;)
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WOW!!! Hey hun.! You story rocks so far. I love it. It so sad not to see Syd and Vaughn together. This brain seem like a really nice guy. But anyway, I love all the smile thins like the frame, and picking October 1st. I loved your falshbacks. Great story so far. I feel so bad for Syd. Please update soon! Great job. May I get a pm? Hehe so good (y)

Love ya,

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hey. Thanks for the PM! It's great. I just have a few suggestions for formatting..

use quotes instead of hyphens- it makes it easier to read.
When a new person talks, start a new paragraph.
Double space between the paragraphs.

These are all just my silly little suggestions, which you can completely ignore if you want to.

Other than that stuff, I love it! I definatly want to see where this goes!


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yeah.. that would make it easier to read..
I absolutely LOVED it
*hinthint* is Vaughn gonna show up any time soone
great chapter
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Hey guys!!! I've got more reviews than I was waiting for, I am so thrilled!!!! :LOL:
You are great. I am so happy you seem to be liking it so far.
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aliasfan23 Thanks for giving me suggestions, that BTW aren't silly at all. I intend to follow them so you can read more easyly.

I have the next chapter, but it needs some editing. I think I'll post it on Sunday or maybe tomorrow.

Penny, aliasfan23 and jersey, thanks for reading my pm and come here to read. I love you.

I'll send pm's to everyone that asked for them.

Vaughn is definitetly going to show up, just be a little patient, I can't wait to get to that part either.

Would you like SPOILERS for the next chapter???????


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of course you can be on the pm list aliasgirlie :D

I am so happy with all the responses, I am writing with a lot of pleasure, I promise to deliver more soo. I am working on chapters 2 and 3 so that means that there is probably gonna be double update tomorrow.

here go some spoilers


- Name: Instincts
Everyone tries to figure out what is up with syd
Nicole has more theories
sydney continues having flashbacks
Brian is still kinda clueless
Syd talks a little about her mother

Name: "the outsider"
In this chapter starts the real good stuff!!!!!!
Rachel plans her birthday party
Someone comes to town ;)
Rachel meets a love interest, kind of
Nicole figures out some more things
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