unimpressive supervillains/nemeses


This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
which supervillains/nemeses do we think are overmatched, overrated or should just get over themselves? some suggestions;

1) Penguin (enemy of Batman, of course). does anyone really think The Bat would need more than 15 seconds to dispose of this loser? I enjoyed Burgess Meredith's tv Pengo but the comic version does nothing for me. Devito's Dickensian creep from Burton's sequel? no thanks.

2) Plankton (Spongebob). rants and raves and devises devices, but he can't steal a sandwich recipe from Mr. Krab. scram, little one.

3) The Annointed One (Buffy, seasons 1/2). supposed to be posessed of 'great power'; all we saw was a ten-year-old boy surrounded by clueless vampires. Spike's remove and replace was one of the show's best moves.

4) just about any superman villain except for Lex Luthor. good thing about Smallville is how Clark's inexperience makes him vulnerable; in the comix, can anyone really take Supe on anymore?

further nominations?
I think after watching Watchmen everything got turned on its head. And then with The Spirit and Samuel Jacksons role everything got straightened out a bit. Which then got thrown again with Eddie Izzards character in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Although in some ways I actually liked his character!