Sci-Fi Unknow space critters?


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Jul 20, 2017
Man o' man, I have always wondered about the alien crew on various ships on various sci-fi films. I know the writers claim that we are supposed to use our imagination. But, just for grins, I think some one should do a film on the life and times of each film that had such critters. Star treks vger' from the motion picture left me scratching my head on who or what was in the interior of the ship as far as robots or machines, it would be cool to see a film about this. The interior of the alien cocoon ship would be interesting, and its world. close encounters planet would be cool too. So if there are any ideas or other ships you know if , let us know, thanx......sci-fi dude. 856f4-star-trek-warp.jpg 1f7b00438594263cc2de36445dbfdc59.jpg 0.jpg <This guy would be great for vger', lol....
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