Jul 12, 2018
Looking for a name of a 80's/90's Sci fi film, people wake up from hibernation and are slowly getting killed off by a female android to cover up that earth's been ruined by war or something? Anything would help :)
Jul 12, 2018
Do you recall any of the actors who may have been in it? Any other plot elements?
Don't know any of the actors since I was young at the time but I recall at the end of the film the only survivors was a man and woman and it was like a submarine they came out off to find out that the earth's in ruins hope this helps a bit.


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Jan 30, 2009
drawing a blank
there were several cheap sci-fi horror flicks about that time. I remember one where a scout ship is tracking what might be an alien craft and the ships computer (patterned too closely after the captain's mother) starts killing everyone off. did not like the movie. 'Nightflyers' or something.
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