Mar 7, 2004
A/N: This is post-Counteragent. Sark and Sydney have seen each other's game faces; now it's time to discover what's underneath. This is my first Sarkney fic, so please, please let me know what you think. Now I'm off to kill my muse for making me start another WIP. :banghead:


This story is unlike any that have come before these pages; because this is the story of an unlikely love in unlikely circumstances at an unlikely time. But despite all the reasons why what is should never have been, the truth is that the resulting relationship has worked better and longer that any other I’ve had. There is no rhyme or reason to it, it just is. I’ve come to learn not to question it – that had always ended in fights that took a while to resolve (but, they were always resolved, unfailingly, which has made me believe that he is whom I’m supposed to be with). And anyway, I’m long past questioning what we have because I have this feeling that, with its intensity and power, is proof enough for me to know it’s right.

It’s interesting how we started it all as being complete opposites of each other, but now he’s such a part of me that there would literally be a hole inside of me if he wasn’t in my life. One thing that’s never changed though, he is able to read me so easily and naturally that I wonder if I’m not just an extension of him.

And as I look at him now, as he stands, staring out the window, I understand how my way of seeing him has changed. I’ve long ago learned to read his body language, and his hand under his chin as he mutters occasionally to himself tells me that he’s planning our next move.

It’s not just his outer appearance that’s changed in my eyes, though; it’s the way I can comprehend his feelings behind his gestures and actions that I couldn’t before we were together, not really anyway. When we were enemies, I only let myself think that he was cold-blooded and uncaring, spineless and self-centered. And while I sometimes see elements of some of those qualities emerge, I know now that there so many more admirable traits behind that façade. Being able to see, or rather, him allowing me to see that there was more to him than initially meets the eye is in itself a reason why I love him so much. It’s an example of how much trust counts in a relationship, and the feeling I’ve got from him trusting me enough to present to me the real him is indescribable.

Of course, it took a while to get to this point, and being on opposite sides of the playing field in the beginning was no help. But here we are, together, still on the run after almost a year; but we believe that we’ll be safe here for a few days, which gives me time to process all of these thoughts on paper.

It would take too much time to start at the beginning, and anyway, the beginning already makes sense to me. It wasn’t really complicated.

I hated him. I didn’t really understand him, so I hated him. My life was as difficult as it needed to be at the time, so it was actually nice to have such a simply defined relationship with someone – if it could have even been called a relationship. So, we were at odds, each trying to kill the other at every opportunity… And now, we’re killing to be with each other. It’s said that strong opposing forces attract each other, and we’re no exception.

So, this story will have no beginning, and at present, it has no end. But, it has quite an intriguing middle, so the best place to start will be when he and I really met each other for the first time.



Apr 6, 2003
ooo . . . i like the prologue . . . kinda reminds me of everafter prologue/ ending, but anyway, awsome fic and pm please!
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