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Uncomfortably Insane
So I, the all talented and mighty Chuckles, am writing a sci-fi war story. I would love to post it here on Cool Sci-Fi if you guys would read it.

Basically, the story (called The Next Fight Home) takes place on 2015 in a very different United States:

In this time line, on 2012 the U.S. government launched the Freedom isn't Free Act. This act imposed new aggressive policies and tactics that we today would find extreme. For example, the government legalized drugs and used them to stimulate the economy. They also assembled the Anti Treason Strike Teams under the branch of the FBI and CIA as a counter measure to rumors of an uprising.

Soon after, a very secret terrorist group is hired by a new league of nations (whose members are unknown the U.S.) called the League of Serpents to take the U.S. down because of these new policies. This league develops new technologies to be used by these terrorists. Within a year, they ultimately bring the U.S. down.

Two years later, in 2015, the terrorists have complete control of the country. (except for Texas, Arizona, and the lower section of California which are now its own single republic.) This is where a new organization emerges. This organization is called the Hellbringers and are the main heroes of the story. They are what is left of the U.S. government. Using highly advanced armor, weapons, and ancient war techniques, they begin Operation: Independence. (reclamation of U.S. from the terrorists)
I enjoy military Sci-Fi, as of late (last three years+) the only type I read.

Bring it on.:D