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Update for Sunday, December 8th 2002

Discussion in 'Site-Related News' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    Passage: Part II

    You can read spoilers here.

    If you live in the Twin Cities market, Alias will air in KSTC 45 (Often channel 12 on Cable) instead of Channel 5 due to a Vikings/Packers game.


    Read the full article here

    There is also a New York Times article about "Catch Me If You Can", the movie coming out this fall in which Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow on Alias) has a minor role, which you can read here. It fails to mention Jennifer Garner, however.

    Vote for Alias & Jennifer Garner

    Vote for Jennifer Garner as E!'s Entertainer of the Year: http://www.eonline.com/On/Rank/Shows/Enter...er02/poll2.html

    Alias is also up for many categories of the Year End Poll: http://www.eonline.com/Features/Features/R...Poll/index.html (click Cast Your Votes. Alias will not be in the first five questions, so you must vote for the first five to get to the next questions)

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