US : Life on Mars gets Harvey Keitel!


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A sign the show is wanting to pack some punch in the states?

Harvey Keitel to play US Gene Hunt

Friday, July 25 2008, 11:05 BST (06:05 ET)
By Dave West, Media Correspondent

Harvey Keitel has taken the role of Detective Gene Hunt in the upcoming US remake of Life On Mars.

Hunt's character will remain a tough-talking, iron-fisted head of department, though the show is being given a strong New York City feel and a plot shake-up.

Keitel, an Oscar nominee for Bugsy, was born in Brooklyn and is taking over the role from Colm Meaney after the setting was moved from Los Angeles.

Hunt, played by Philip Glenister in the BBC original and spinoff Ashes To Ashes, will be joined by Jason O'Mara as lead character Sam Tyler.