(US/UK) Harrison Bergeron (ntsc) dvd

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it's a short-short

the film adds a hundred pages, changes the ending, etc, etc.

but this is one film that demands to be in a scifi fans collection


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Item Specifics - VHS
Format 2: NTSC (US, Canada) Rating: --
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Condition: Used
Sub-Genre: Futuristic

That link is to the VHS


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oops, and the dvd has sold now. there was a region 1 dvd guess i got a little bit confused and posted the wrong one!


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Had a chance to read the short story.... it's definitely a quick & fast punch to the brain with it's subject matter. Now Mr. D' has me curious about tracking down a copy of the movie.


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it's very, very hard to find. gets shown once in a blue moon on tv, a few vhs copies going round, but they are probably degraded by now. dvd's even rarer, which is why i tried to post up the dvd i found (but failed due to any number of psychotic issuesd running through my brain at the point i was trying to do it!!!)

it's not an amazing film, but it is pure scifi in that the environment the characters work in socially is twisted enough to make a difference.

bearing in mind Vonnegut put in his works anything he currently wanted to rant about. government, organisations, nothing remained untouched from a market that sucked up all his outrageous works.

if you read Breakfast Of Champiions, you are faced with what looks like a kids/teenagers book, with drawings of animals and automobiles, etc spaced throughout the book!!!!

unique, literate, effective! Vonnegut is one of the greats.