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Code Monkey
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I am totally disenfranchised with both parties.
That right there sums up the feelings of a lot of American voters right now!

For years the joking has been that the elections are about not who is the best candidate but who is the least horrible candidate. The 2016 POTUS elections will drive home the fact that it is no longer a joke, none of the current candidates are fit for the office.

It's time for the two-party US system to end.


An Old Friend

After giving this concept some thought, I have come to realize we must vote for someone. If None of the Above were to actually win, that would put Obama back in office for another term and I doubt the USA could survive another 4 years under his stupidity.

This leaves our possibilities limited to figuring out which candidate is the least likely to destroy our Nation. Since I feel that Clinton should be in prison and looking at Trump's past in the limelight (You're Fired) and Carson's remark that Obama "Grew up White", Voting is going to be extremely difficult.

Instead of us promoting who is the best of the worse. Why not demand only the top people are able to be candidates? Why not actually ASK the people who they want to represent our country? As it is, we are told who is running. Our local, regional and state governments are already in place. Let candidates progress through the government levels as chosen by the people. The 'Party' system is obviously NOT WORKING.

What do I expect from POTUS?
1. Honesty to the People of the United States of America
2. Actions dictated by the People of the Untied States of America
3. Representation of the Will of the People of the United States of America

Our country's current technology allows for instant communication. Our computing systems are able to handle data input and sort that input to create a manageable report. A POTUS that brings the job to the people via television, radio and internet and allows the PEOPLE to respond then accepts the majority consensus and acts according to that consensus is the President that we need.

In order to get to that level of democracy We The People need to clean up the damage done.
`Move control to the community level of government.
`Remove big business influence from the equation.
`Stop spending money on outdated and superfluous programs
`Stop trying to control the world
`Concentrate on our own integrity
`Remove the 'questionable' people currently in office at all levels.
`Rally the people to the cause
`Remove government bonus systems (tax breaks for industry, our rights to outsiders, gifting contracts)
`Move law enforcement to the state or regional levels. ( there should still be a National Law system but not every violation needs to go to the highest court)
`Hold government employees to the job. Any violation of trust or integrity should deserve jail or prison time.
`Establish and lower the pay of gov't officials to a level that is within middle class levels.

I could go on and on about what needs to be done but the most important thing that needs to be done is that we VOTE the Right person to the job!

Our country is supposed to be We The PEOPLE of the United States of America, NOT we the businesses, interest groups and factions of the United States with the people coming in only when it is convenient.

We need NEWS agencies that report the NEWS and not offer up opinion. The NEWS tells us how to feel and what to do. They promote experts on this subject or that issue and look where that has gotten us. NEWS needs to be FACTS not Opinions.

Randal R.

Oh Thank the Heavens...I am with that..I support that....and I have to say that is agrand idea, to be proposed..
ask the people who we would like.Again I have always thought we have the Tech to have much much more input
in a voting kind of way.
Always have supported..since hell came to town (Bill + HIllary Gang) end of 2 party system...it has an
inherit flaw....recall that one..it has a flaw :D Kind of like the 3 laws..it can only end one way.

And we all know, they made it a 2 party system and kept it that way for themselves for a long long time, so they are due I guess for a housecleaning ceremony.


Randal R.

Maybe this will add some insight on the real in your face reality
As a victim of this for a very long time within the VA medical and the Local Medical..
it is indeed TRUE!
SEE THIS,it may save your life.
The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry's Covert Agenda

Now, from what I have figured out, Trump is the only hope for us and humanity,then it is up to each of us.
As I have had the fortune of being revealed Great Waves of Change and the New Revelation,
and the New Message from God.

Future is now...past is over.
We need to chart our own course and be free individuals, or slowly flame out in a hellish world.
Trump is a messenger.


An Old Friend
provide some fine entertainment.
That disturbs me.
The horsecrap that is going on pisses me off. I don't find anything entertaining about the disrespect to our nation. I don't find Obama's ineptitude funny. I don't find the power hungry campaigns funny. I find it all a big fat slap in the face.

Some things are supposed to be serious - This is one of those things.


Code Monkey
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That disturbs me.
The horsecrap that is going on pisses me off. I don't find anything entertaining about the disrespect to our nation. I don't find Obama's ineptitude funny. I don't find the power hungry campaigns funny. I find it all a big fat slap in the face.

Some things are supposed to be serious - This is one of those things.
The 2016 election stopped being serious when an orange misogynistic clown became the GOP front runner. The GOP party is on the verge of imploding and the best the Dem's could come up with is an outright socialist and somebody who is power hungry running on their spouses name & popularity. If you want serious politics, try again in 2020 because 2016 has already tipped the balancing point between serious & ridiculous in the wrong direction.

Randal R.

Hello, folks..Been keeping my nose sniffing anywhere it does not belong..

Me too. sick of the 1 part pretending to be 2 parties.But the rabbit goes much much deeper...
If you would like to learn the real state of the govt..the 3 separate Govts,3 different constitutions and more,
what a tangled web they have woven to steal from us.

I been on Trump like white on rice.I cannot find any dirt on this guy. But, I have watched many hours of his testimony.
2005 UN Renovation Testimony.
Testimony to Scottish Parliament 2012 (Wind Energy and Renewable Sustainable energy)
-This video starts warming up at 39:00
Liberty Univ convocation.
This man I think is sick of the corruption, and intends to clean house.Set the situation right-I hope :smiley:
Going by these videos..we have no other choice but to support Trump...or go way of the cave man.)
But, I am also aware, that the Bible Revelations seem to playing out as well.....
....stay tuned..the Apocalypse will be right back.

-just yesterday,he was asked about the NC Transgender bathroom law ( which personally is not the role of Govt on any level)
Trump said that was the state's issue,let them sort it out. I was blown away.
That is how it is supposed to operate folks, the real republic.the real constitution.the states are the sovereignty,not the federal govt.
See Anna von Reitz affidavit of probable cause."You know something is wrong when"
one PDF file on this LINK

some other videos I have watched..

I Finally Found some dirt on Donald Trump.
Trump's Mistress.


Best and Regards,
Godspeed. 3-9-1966 (3-9-2016) 3,6,9 I think I am special in some way :smiley:

Randal R.

The 3 governments..or givernments

~ Three Citizenships & Three Different Forms of United States ~
1. There's the Continental United States composed of now-50 geographically defined states and
their living inhabitants. Each such state is a sovereign nation with jurisdiction of the air, land,
and sea associated with it. Those born within the borders of these states are American State
Citizens by birthright, having all the guarantees of The Constitution, and all their Natural
Rights intact. For example, you might be a birthright citizen of the Ohio State, which is
a Constitutional Republic.
Under the Doctrine of Checks and Balances, these states retain control of the land jurisdiction
and are supposed to protect their citizenry and resources against encroachment by the federal
2. There's the Federal United States composed of 50 "Federal States" which are "inchoate" --
meaning that they exist in our minds and on paper, but not in physical reality -- plus seven
physical states more often thought of as federal territories and possessions. This makes a total
of 57 Federal States. They are inhabited by United States Citizens -- all the people born on
Guam, Puerto Rico, and other Insular States, plus federal civilian and military employees,
African Americans, political asylum seekers, and welfare recipients. This United States is
a Democracy operated in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea.
3. Finally, there's the Corporate United States composed of 185,000 corporations and
approximately 390 million corporate U.S. CITIZENS. This behemoth is composed entirely of
"legal fiction entities" -- C Corps, S Corps, Non-Profits, NGO's, Foundations, Trusts, LLC's,
Cooperatives, Public Utilities, and so on. All these entities including STATES like the STATE
OF FLORIDA are operated in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea, too. This United States
is operated under the plenary law of the Washington, DC Municipality, an international city-
state run by Congress as an Oligarchy



An Old Friend
My response to a facebook comment on the fact that cnn reported that Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump in the polls.

First of all, You do have a right to express your opinion. Everyone does. Sometimes people forget that. It does matter who runs for office. Our nation has forgotten one very important thing over the years. Our elected officials are not supposed to be leaders that tell the people, they are supposed to be representatives of the will of all the nation's people. They are supposed to find out what the will of the people is and attempt to make it so. If you stifle yourself, the will of the people cannot be known.
Letting someone else dictate your will is what is wrong with our nation. I don't want a public official telling me what to do, I want one that asks me and my fellow nationals what we want and works to get that accomplished. I don't see anyone willing to actually do that.
The corruption starts at the community level of government and grows as it gets closer to the president. Agreed, If every decision were to be voted it would take a long time to get anything done. Perhaps, and I am just stating the obvious here, The Government is involved with things the People should be handling themselves. I feel, the higher up into government a subject goes, the more it should reflect a general consensus than an idea or an action.
When a State Representative says he/she favors something - as a representativve of the people of that state he/she is saying that that the majority of the people in that state favor it. If that is not true, That representative is in dereliction of duty and needs to be fired on the spot. The same goes for every elected official in politics. Including the POTUS.
Perhaps the ideal politician is just forgotten. The power our parents and grandparents gave the politicians in the past has mutated/twisted the wisdom of the intended system. If nobody speaks up that there is a problem and nobody offers ideas on how to fix it, the problem will only continue to worsen. Politicians nowadays are looking for Power. Looking to be Leaders. Politicians were never intended to be Leaders the job description is to be a Follower. Follow the will of the People. All elections anymore are a matter of trying to determine the lesser of two evils. But...The Lesser of Two Evils is Still Evil. <<end rant>>


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and it continues...
A valid point to an extent. You need to know that as a legal citizen your vote has the same weight as every other citizen. Thus, Your concerns are as valid as anyone elses. Allowing someone to intimidate your voice is something that only you can do. Giving someone else power over you is something that all of us has allowed for too long. As a citizen, POTUS has the power of ONE Vote. POTUS is supposed to be the voice of a nation, with the power of ONE vote.
The same can be said about anyone else that wants to 'argue' with you. If you allow, keyword- allow, them to influence your right to have an opinion you are the one giving them power over you. Now, if you flip the coin, when you shush someone else for expressing their opinion, you are attempting to have power over them. You only get that power if they allow it. The problem is when people don't understand this. The politicians and corporate entities and special interest groups take your power and use your vote (or lack of vote) to tell the nation what to do. As the masses give away their power the situation only gets worse. The same can be said for drama and stress in life. Allowing stress or drama to control you is to give it your power. I say, Speak your mind, Vote your choice and have control over your own power. But, allow others to also control theirs. Ignorance is not a slur, it is lack of understanding. Ignorance can be reversed/repaired by valid discussions. If the closed-minded and intolerant take your power, Ignorance wins the day. As for this election, I don't really care who wins, all is bad no matter the vote. There is nothing that can be done about it at this time. Even if we as a nation remove all candidates, Obama is still a bad choice. What we can do, is hold the office elects to the job they are to do and fire those that are incompetent. We start firing politicians for incompetence, those running for elections may think twice and the people may have better choices.


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Seems like his xenophobia isn't working too well on a larger scale as CNN is reporting that now Trump will be scaling back his "anti-Muslim" rhetoric to instead be "anti-immigration from terrorist countries". And of course some GOP talking heads are already trying to retcon history by saying that this is what he meant all along. :facepalm:


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Well, Clinton is a liar and a crook. Trump is on the right track but is too extreme. No matter who wins - We lose.
Obama continues to destroy the nation. Sometimes I think he wants to do as much damage as he can before he leaves. What sickens me is that our people are tolerating this.


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Facebook Discussion:
Our government is corrupt, that is obvious. But if anyone believes it is only a democratic problem you are fooling yourself.
My Reply:

"~ It is a "We The People" problem. We the People elect these politicians to represent the will of the nation. When the politicians fail to do so, We the People continuously tolerate their dereliction. We the People have allowed the politicians, corporations and special interest groups to dictate our lives. We have given up our power and thrown away the voice of the nation in favor of letting the rich and famous set our policies. We the People have turned lazy and pampered. Our current situation is so extreme because We the People have let this go on for decades."

Corruption crosses party lines. All these bums are getting filthy rich off the common American tax payer!!!
My Reply:

"~ Agreed but the issue is not money. The issue is that our nation has turned into sheep. We allow a select few to dictate what matters to us. It's easier that way. More time to play a game on our phones or rally for something the NEWS redirects us to care about. What happens to your finances if you fail to manage them? We the People are failing to manage our government. This can only get worse. I think we need to lift our heads from the sand and start fixing the problem because it won't just go away if we do nothing."

Can't fix the problem when they don't enforce the rule of law.
My Reply:

" ~ Who writes the laws? We the People do not write the law. Those that write the law determine which laws are enforced. If there is any question about it - ask the Native American Indians. They have written so may special circumstances into the laws that the elite gain loopholes. Even the law that say you cannot kill have loopholes that are exploited. We the People need to step up and enforce the laws but those laws are so complex they fail to be equal and fair to all of the nation. This happened before and it resulted in a civil war. My question is, will it take another civil war to effect the changes our nation desperately needs? Are we smart enough as a nation to actually fix this problem without civil unrest? The powerful will do everything it can to remain in power. Our country has become a dystopian science fiction story, without the heroes or the unification."
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