Valentine Kiss

Sydney's gonna meet his mama and what is she gonna say???
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chapter eleven
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Sydney's eyes widened as she watched Mrs Vaughn stride over to their table.
Micheal meanwhile was making a last ditch effort to hide his head behind the large menu.
Sydney leaned over and smacked the Menu away.
Micheal frowned.
"Hey! Whatcha do that for?" he asked crossly.
"Uh Micheal in case you havent noticed. . . . . .I dont think your attempt is gonna work anytime soon." Sydney replied sarcastically.
Micheal sighed heavily and looked up just as His mother fixed him with an icy smile.
"Micheal! As usual. . I see you didnt care to inform me you have this lovely new lady in your life. . " she began.
Micheal gritted his teeth.
"Uh Mom. . .Shes more of a . . ."
"Girlfriend." Sydney completed for him a wicked gleam in her eyes.
Micheal's head whipped up as he stared at her wide eyed.
She was trying to get him into as much trouble as possible.
"We've decided that sharing a bed is a little too rash. . " Sydney confidentionally to his mother.
"Uh Syd. . .Why dont you let me make the introductions?" he nearly choked out.
Mrs Vaughn looked amused.
"I see shes quiet a darling Micheal." She remarked.
Sydney flashed Micheal a superior smile.
"Oh yes i am. . .Dont you think so too Micheal?" Sydney said innocently.
"Mom this is Sydney Bristow, she works at the Typress, its a firm just a few blocks away." Micheal spoke however his eyes were fixed on Sydney's.
Mrs Vaughn pursed her lips as if she was deep in thought.
"Isnt that the firm where That Dear Maxwell Works?" she asked.
Sydney nearly choked on her wine.
"Dear?" she muttered in disbelief.
"Wait a second. . .How do you know that guy?" Micheal frowned annoyed that, that little prick had somehow managed to worm his way into his mothers heart.
Mrs Vaughn smiled pleasently.

Mrs Vaughn smiled grandly.
"Darling, your aunt May's son is Jhonathon Maxwell. . How could you not know this?"
Micheal gasped in horror.
"You've got to be kidding me. .
How can that lowlife be my cousin!?" Micheal muttered.
Sydney was also shaking her head in disbelief.
"You dont even know your cousins? Well. . .Youre certainly full of surprises today arent you." she mumbled shooting him an evil look.
"Ah yes. . .Thats my Son for you Sydney. . .
Say are you joining us on tonight on our little cruise?" Micheal's mother smiled at her.
"Uh mom i dont think Sydney would appreciate mingling on a boat with a bunch of sixty year old ladies." Micheal said dryly.
Catherine Glared at her son.
"Why dont you keep your opinion to yourself and let the little lady tell us how She Feels?" she snapped.
Sydney drew in a deep breath her eyes locking with Micheal's.
She couldnt exactly say no now. . .
"Sure Mrs Vaughn. . .I would love to come." Sydney replied politely.
Catherine beamed at her.
"Thats fantastic! And dont worry about Micheal says. . .
I am inviting some of the younger people in my family and there will be alot of my husbands business associates there. . ."
"What time does the cruise begin?" Micheal asked as he took a sip of his wine.
"Eight Thirty sharp. . .Please dont be late Micheal." she said sternly.
She then turned to Sydney with a grin.
"So i'll see you later tonight. Please remember to dress formal. We will be having dancing on the deck after dinner."
Sydney nodded suppressing a grimace.
Dancing? She was a terrible dancer.
When Micheal dropped Sydney back off at Work, she knew she'd was in for trouble.
It was already two twenty.
She was due back at two precisely.
"Youre late." Maxwell said icily standing at his office door and watching as she placed her bag on the desk.
Sydney turned to face him, smiling sweetly.
"Sorry. I got delayed at lunch." she said breezily as she took a seat.
He took a step closer.
"Where did you disappear of to?" he asked curiously.
Her eyes narrowed.
"Thats really none of your business." she said evenly.
He nodded but she could see his eyes smouldering.
"Yes. . .Dont forget to report to work tonight at seven thirty as usual." he smiled cruelly.
Sydney just smiled at him choosing to rather ignore his direct attempt to annoy her.
"Will do!" she replied with false cheer.
"I must say i never invisioned you too be such a total sneak off type." Micheal observed as he stood in the doorway of the basement archive room.
Sydney whipped around, surprised at how easily he'd been able to sneak up on her.
"Well i never invisioned you'd actually be on time for a function of your mothers." she grinned pushing a strand of hair away from her face.
He raised his brows.
"Actually i was wondering if maybe we could stop off for a quick soda before heading over to the harbour?" he asked hopefully.
"Naughty boy. . .What would your mum think?" she frowned sternly.
He groaned.
"Oh come on Syd, going to a social event of my parents just isnt fun. . ."
"But we get to dress up? Dont we?" she laughed as she walked up to him.
She leaned up on her tiptoes and kissed him.
He shut his eyes briefly sighing as he buried his hands in her soft hair.
She broke the kiss and leaned her forehead against his listening to the gentle sound of his breathing.
"You were suppose to woo me? Remember?" Sydney reminded him.
He sighed heavily.
"Yeah. . .Until my mother came in and ruined things as usual." he complained.
She laughed deeply.
"How often does she ruin things huh Micheal?" she teased.
He shook his head and took her arm leading her out of the room and up the steps to the main office area.
"Syd thats really not how i meant it." he said as they both entered his car.
"I need you to stop of at my place so i can dress." Sydney said suddenly.
Micheal glanced over at her.
"You already look absolutely stunning the way you are to me Syd." he smiled.
She blushed.
"Oh Come on. . .Youre just being nice. . .
I cant possibly look good in my work clothes. . ." she grumbled.
After a few minutes of arguing she finally managed to convince him to stop of at her apartment.
"Back in five!" she called out cheerfully as she ran up the steps to her bedroom, leaving him in the living room.
"Syd tell me which lady gets ready in just five minutes?" Micheal called up rolling his eyes.
She just laughed and ran into her room.
She hurried over to the closet and began sifting through all the clothes there, discarding all of it.
"I have nothing to wear!" she eventually yelled in frustration as she stared at all the jeans and t-shirts which lay on her floor.

"Nothing i've never heard before Syd." Micheal yelled back struggling to suppress his laughter.
Sydney glared and was about to call of her search and just go in a pair of Jeans when an idea struck her.
'Nadia!' she thought with a grin as she raced down the hallway and threw open her sisters door.
As usual her sisters room was a mess, but Sydney patiently waded through it until she reached the wardrobe and began pawing through her outfits.
Most of the clothes there was casual. . .Until Sydney came across a dark maroon velvet dress with sequins lining the front.
She studied it closely.
'Its beautiful. . .' she though as she unfolded it.
The neckline was a little low for usual taste but she had to admit that she liked it.
Now that she'd found the dress, it didnt take her more than ten minutes to dress and apply her makeup.
She slipped into a black stilleto pumps and then raced down the steps.
"Tada!! Im ready as promised." she grinned.
Micheal who had been studying her mantle smiled to himself.
"Well you werent five minutes. . ." the words died in his throat as he turned around and took in her appearence.
"Syd. . .You look gorgeous. . ." he said somewhat breathlessy as he stepped up to her.
She grinned at him and raised her eyebrows, pleased at his reaction.
"And to think. . .All in just Five Minutes!" she laughed.
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