Valentine Kiss

chapter twelve
At the sound of the blood curdling scream Sydney and Micheal quickly jumped apart.
They both looked trying to find the source of where the scream had come from.
"Did it come from the kitchen?" Micheal frowned as he peered at the closed kitchen door.
Sydney nodded quickly.
"Yeah. . .I think so. . .Lets see if everyones okay." she urged and they both hurried over.
Micheal pushed the door open and they both stepped in. . .
Sydney's eyes widened.
"Oh my god. . ." she murmured.
The kitchen was in shambles.
There were upturned dishes lying everywhere.
Sydney approached one of the female servers who was dressed in a white uniform.
"Whats up?" she asked.
Before the harried looking waitress could respond, a loud voice boomed.
"I quit! I wont work for you anymore Pedro!" a spanish man dressed in a apron yelled out to another man "Pedro" who was dressed in a suit.
"But you cant just leave. . .
I need someone to direct my staff how to serve." Pedro protested.
Sydney and Micheal, watched speechless as The spanish man glared at Pedro and then spat on him.
"Take that you lowlife." he roared and then flung off his apron.
Pedro looked indignant.
"Im not a lowlife! All i did was ask you not to get drunk while on duty! Thats all!" he cried out.
However the spanish man had already left.
Pedro dropped his head in his hands.
"What am i going to do!" he wailed just as Catherine stalked in.

"Whats going on?" she asked concerned at the worried look on his face.
"The Dinner supervisor just quit!" Pedro nearly bauled.
Catherine's face softened.
"Surely we can still serve dinner?" she asked as she gestured to all the silent waiters standing and watching them.
Pedro shook his head vehemently.
"One of our main courses is lying on the floor. . .
And None of these waitors have any experience. They will mess everything up without instructions on proper table etiquette ." he sniffed.
Catherine bit her lip as she glanced at her watch.
It was already Eight thirty and she had over five hundred hungry guests, including inportant business clients waiting out there for dinner to be served. . . .
"Uh. . .I did take a course in cooking. . .And i can be quiet a great leader at times. . " Sydney broke the silence.
All heads whipped up as everyone stared at her.
"My mom hated me cooking. . But i kinda liked it." Sydney shrugged and laughed nervously at the way they were all staring at her.
"Hey! I love cooking too!" Micheal exclaimed happily.
Sydney's face brightened.
"Really? Whats your favourite dish?" she asked eagerly.
Micheal was about to answer but his mother cut him off.
"Please Micheal. . I know what a terrible cook you are." she said dismissively.
Then she quickly turned to Sydney.
"Sydney. . I would feel bad to impose on you. . " she hesitated feeling awful.
Sydney shook her head.

"Hey its no big deal. . Infact it could probably be fun. . " Sydney glanced at Micheal and grinned.
Half an hour later and after much brain storming and tasting, Sydney and Micheal directed the waitors how to serve.
"I cant believe you know how to cook so well. . " Micheal marvelled.
Sydney laughed and dusted her fingers.
"That was kinda fun. . ." she admitted.
They went out together into the dining area watching as everyone complemented the food and the wairtron swished efficiently between tables.
"Your skills at Managing are remarkable Sydney." Cathrine praised as she came and stood beside her.
Sydney smiled at her.
"I enjoyed it. . .Being a leader has always been in my genes." she laughed.
Catherine smiled and then leaned forward.
"Considering that. . .Can i ask you something Sydney?" she asked seriously.
Sydney nodded.
"Go ahead. Shoot."
Catherine took a deep breath.
"Would you consider working as a manager? Here on this ship? With my team?" she asked.
Sydney's eyes widened.
"I. . .Uh. . I dont know what to say Catherine. . " she stumbled over words.
"Oh you dont have to make any decisions now. . " Catherine reassured her.
"Its just. . .You were so great tonight. . .And i was thinking. .
If you worked here, you'd get to travel to different destinations every week. . ."
Sydney had to admit to herself that travelling all over the world did sound kind of exciting.
Especially next to working as 'Maxwells' Secetary.
"I'll seriously consider it." Sydney said decisively.
Catherine smiled.
"Thank you Sydney. . I would love nothing more than working with you. . ."
* * *

"Working with my mom will be pure torture Syd." Micheal said warningly.
Sydney tossed back her head laughing.
They were driving back to her place after leaving the party.
"Why? Will it be like hanging out with you?" Sydney teased.
Micheal shot her a wounded look.
"Hey! I thought i was a easy enough guy to get along with." he said sadly.
"Oh you are. . " she reassured him.
He grinned at her as he slotted the car into the parking lot outside her flat.
She stared at him.
"Whats wrong?" Micheal asked wondering why she was staring.
"You parked the car." was all she said.
He raised his brows.
"So. . ." he waited.
"So. . .That means something.
Oh come on. Dont tell me you're so dense you dont even realise what 'This' Means." she said as she gestured to the parked car.
"I hate to sound Dense. . .But im lost." he admitted.
She laughed slowly.
"Being dense in this case makes you even more cuter." she smiled and opened her car door.
"Hey. Wait! Arent you going to tell me what you meant?" he asked.
"Why dont you come in and i'll show you?" she winked at him.
He knew he couldn resist that offer. . .
He quickly exited the car and joined her at the door.
He waited patiently as she fumbled with her keys till eventually she shouted in triumph as the door swung open.
"Unlocking doors are quite the mission huh?" he remarked amused.
She glared at him for a moment. .
And then grabbed his tie pulling him in.
"So. . .Uh. . .Coffee?" he asked breathlessly as he stared into her rapidly darkening eyes.
She grinned mischieviously.
"Nah. . . .No time for coffee. . .And anyway. . I believe you've wooed me enough. . " she said huskily as she leaned in and kissed him pssionately. . .
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Thank God! Catherine offered Sydney a way for her to get away from Maxwell. She better take it! In the meantime, Sydney is showing her gratitude by making an offer to Michael that he'd also be stupid to refuse.

Thanks for the PM.

Hey....great ending of chapter 12....can't wait for the next chapter....but if sydney takes a job on board the ship....doesn't that mean she'll see less of michael...and have lesser chances of settling she will always be moving from place to place???
Hey ya! Thanks for all the great reviews! And as for the questions. ;) Dani Micheal's a journalist working at the New York times. :D
and Sydneyalias Well.... Yes thats true but then again Syd hasnt taken the job yet? :D
chapter thirteen

Sydney awoke the next morning, to feel the warm sunshine on her face.
She was about to lazily stretch when she felt an arm tighten around her.
"Syd?" a voice mumbled and she shivered as she felt soft lips moving sleepily on her bare back.
She sighed, wanting to just bask in the pure tenderness of this moment.
Everything just felt so right with Micheal.
Just so great.
A small tiny part of her was afraid that once again she would wake up alone in bed.
It had really been a long time since any man had actually stuck around till the morning.
A long time since anyone really 'Cared'.
She smiled softly and gently took hold of his hand which was wrapped around her waist.
He almost as if he was afraid she was going to yank his hand away, tightened it against her stomach almost protectively.
Another sweet gesture.
Sydney drew in a deep breath.
She knew she was falling way too hard, and fast for him.
"Thank you. . ." she whispered fighting the stupid urge to cry, at all the depthful emotions swirling through her.
He laughed softly.
"Syd. . I need to thank you. . .Not the other way around. . .
Youre just so amazing. . " he sighed.
She turned her head slightly so that she could look at him.
"Uh. . .Are you only saying im amazing because of the sex?" she asked unsure.
His eyes widened.
"No! I didnt mean it like that. . .Syd i mean you as what you are. . Is amazing. . ."
she sighed softly feeling instantly more at ease.
"Not that the sex wasnt great either." he added almost as an after thought.
Laughing she leaned down and bit his hand.
"Ouch!" he cried out moving it lower slightly.
She smiled softly and sighed in contentment.
"You deserved that." she mumbled.
He just whined something in response.
Sydney sighed and closed her eyes as the past events of the night before, washed over her.
That enormous yatch. .
That party and Catherine.
And of course the favourite part.
Her and Micheal coming home.
She felt like laughing as she thought of how she'd truanted from her so called night job.
Speaking of work. . .
Sydney's eyes snapped open and she glanced up at her alarm clock.
It was already eight thirty. . .
"Oh my God. . " Sydney cried out as she jumped out of Micheal's warm embrace.
Micheal's mouth immediately opened in protest, but he froze at the sight of his beautiful girlfriend, completely naked and hurrying to the closet.
"Im late for work. . ." Sydney spoke frantically as she grabbed her clothes and hurried into the bathroom.
"Im sorry Syd." he said feeling genuinely awful that he hadnt told her the time sooner.
She just shook her head and turned on the shower.
"Can i at least join you?" he called out somewhat hopefully.
"In your dreams!" she yelled back.
He fell back onto the bed with a groan.
He certainly hoped she wasnt going to be mad at him. .
Five minutes later she appeared still toweling her damp hair.
"Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you look with wet hair?" he asked her as he leaned up on one elbow.
She glared at him but he could tell that she was secretly pleased.
"Flattery wont get you anywhere." she said unconvincingly.
He grinned as he gently trailed his finger across the sheets.
"Syd . . .If flattery didnt get me anywhere what am i doing in your bed?" he asked with mock innocense.
With a growl of rage She flung her towel at him but he easily caught it and held it up to his face.
He deeply inhaled her scent.
She smelt so. . .Almost pretty.
Like a boquet of fresh roses.
"Hey why arent you rushing to work?" she frowned as she applied a thin coat of lip gloss in the mirror.
"Its my day off. Every once a month we get one day off.
For me thats today." he explained.
"No fair. . ." She pouted.
"Maybe i could come and pick you up for lunch again?" he asked hoping she would agree.
Sydney grinned at him through the mirror.
"I'd love that. . .Especially that restaurant you took me to yesterday. . .
The seafood was heavenly." she sighed.
"Seeing my mother there kinda spoilt it for me. . " he grimaced.
She stood there for a moment coolly regarding him.
"Why are you staring?" Micheal asked somewhat uncomfortably as he moved his shoulders against the headboard.
Sydney grinned at him and without warning revealed a camera from behind her back, and snapped a picture of him.
Micheal's eyes widened in disbelief as he quickly covered his face with his hands.
"Syd!? What are you doing?" he asked in a near panic.
Laughing she strolled over to the bed.
She glanced down at the picture in her hand, and then up at him.
"Im going to show this to every single female friend of mine." she explained.
"What!? Syd. . .Why. . " he cried out frantically.
He reached up trying to grab it from her, but she held it up and away from him.
"I can just imagine how Nadia is gonna laugh when she sees this." she taunted.
"Dont. . .You cant. . " he grunted as he tried to wrestle it from her grasp.
Finally she let it go and laughed.
"Micheal. . I was just kidding. . "
He froze.
"Oh. . .Uh. . Really?" he smiled coyly.
"The reason i took that picture was so i could have . . .
I guess a memory last night." she smiled fondly.
His features softened and he leaned up and kissed her.
"How come i dont get a pic of you half naked?" he whispered in her ear.
She stepped back laughing.
"Haha. . .Not gonna happen. . . ."
* * *
The morning traffic was heavy as usual.
Sydney cursed as she realised someone had already taken her parking bay.
Sighing, she slotted into a parking bay next to the Side of the building.
The first thing she walked in she was greeted by hostile stares from her so called co workers.
She frowned, wondering why everyone was behaving so strange.
She trudged over to her desk , but before she could sit down, Maxwell appeared at the entrance of his office.
He just stood there for a moment glaring coldly at her
He glanced down at his wrist watch.
"Youre late." he said shortly.
Sydney raised her brows.
"I already knew that." she muttered dryly.
"Rough night huh?" he asked.
Sydney turned around to face him.
"Yes. . .Quite." she smirked.
His eyes narrowed.
"Well. . .Your day is about to get much worse." he declared.
She frowned at him, not understanding.
"Follow me to the surveillance room." he ordered and turned on his heel.
Much as she hated it when he ordered her around, she knew she had no choice but to follow him.
They walked in complete silence to the control room.
The moment Sydney stepped in, Maxwell picked up a remote and switched on the T.V monitor.
Sydney's eyes widened as she caught sight of the basement.
'That place has Cameras?' she thought in disbelief her mind whirling.
She watched in horror as the T.V surveillance feed played the scene from the night before. . .
The scene of her and Micheal walking out two hours before the time she was allowed to leave. . .
"So Ms Bristow, do you have anything to say for yourself?" he asked his blue eyes blazing.
I knew Maxwell would catch her and make her life a living hell. Why doesn't Syd just quit? Besides Mrs. Vaughn, I am sure Syd could find other employment in a much friendlier environment.

Hmm wonder if Maxwell will realize its Michael the guy from the side of the road that "helped" him?


Yes, Sydney has something to say, "I quit!!!" But what is really funny is that it's Maxwell's cousin who is on the camera.

Besides Michael's mother has already offered her a job.

Thanks for the PM.


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