TV vampire diaries vs true blood


I prefer True Blood. The show is very good. I'm seeing also every week Being Humans, the American version of the show. I really like the way those series deals with supernatural and fantasy stuff.


I haven't seen True Blood since I have Comcast and I have been watching Vampire Diaries I do like the tv series. I know this upcoming season is supposed to be an interesting season.
Vampire Diaries is more aimed at teens isn't it? While True Blood is aimed at adults. Vampire Dairies seems to buy into the pretty boy vampire movement while True Blood portrays vamps as horrifying, blood thirsty monsters, and rightly so!


I love both, but then I love most non-sparkly vampire stories. Huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel. I know it's relatively old now but still watch them and love them. I'm half way though s1 of TVD and half way though s2 of TB.