Vaughn Naked at Blockbuster!


Hey!! I have actually seen "all" of Monsieur Vartan. In the movie "1 Hour Photo" w/Robbin William, Vartan plays an unfaithful husband who is forced (in 1 scene) into various sexual positions w/his mistress by Si (Williams).It actually shows frontal nudity and is only rated R. I actually have the DVD and paused it at that part. Im a guy but it was definately a sight to behold!! Anybody else seen this MORE THAN DECENT exposure?? :woot:


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i haven't seen the movie but it was on HBO a few weeks back. i remember hearing that he was in it so i decided to put it on...well, it just HAPPENED to be that scene so i saw michael in ALL of his glory.

hehe i sure have! you just saw it though? o man i bought the movie the day it came out- which was over a year ago. lol for the sole purpose of seeing MV.. in all his glory is damn right! mm he was so hot! even with the longer hair! as for the movie itself, i didn't really like it.. too weird for me. except i liked the part where Sy has the dream in he white hall and the blood gushes from his eyes. hah call me morbid, but i thought it was cool. gross, but cool.
I saw but I didn't knew of this detail of his nakedness. I was watching the movie and then I... :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:
I stayed more than 10 minutes without words! Completely :jawdrop:
I had just another reaction 30 minutes after that was to call my friend and tell her what happened in the movie.
I saw the movie and I didn't think it was scary or anything just a little creepy. But after that scene it was well I really don't know what kind of a movie it is just a really good one. But know I really wish I was Jennifer Garner now. My mom knew that I watched it and when she asked how it was I couldn't say anything. I was so giddy.

I actuallypaused it by mistake 'cause my phone was ringing and I was expecting a call from my boyfriend, I didn't wasnt to answer it but I did. When I went back in the room I looked at the screen and I still had my Boyfriend on the phone. I was like :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

I was so shocked and well you know, that I hung up on my boyfriend. It was just a good movie because Michael Vartan was in it. Now it one of my top ten favorites because all of him was in it. All I can say is lucky, lucky Jen.

LMAO!!! Track down a member here called Mr Pickle, he's got the pic ^_^

When the movie came out on DVD here (aus) it didnt have the scene in it :( But Mr Pickle sent me the pic and I was.....well yeah :LOL: