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Dec 6, 2004
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Dec 6, 2004
Brizzy, Australia!!!
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Sep 1, 2005
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Omg love this thread, Vaghn is my number one husband ( of my dreams)!!! Just wanted to know if I could join?
Ps. Congrats on the story so far....Fabolus darlings :D


Sep 1, 2005
Bundy, Australia
In a dark, cold room, Malo paces nervously back and forwards. He knows that if he does not tell the syndicate what they want to hear, he will be tortured. But he also know if he does, then Irina will kill him. Time is running out for him to choose between the two...

In a CIA briefing room, not to far away, Liz looks out at the syndicate.
"Why would Sloane try to kill his own daughter? What does Nadia have to do with this?! There are to many variables in this situation, and I dont like it. We know Malo is hiding Derevko and she is the only one who will be able to unravel this mystery, but he isnt talking....yet. While we wait for the results of Gucci's psycho eval, I think we should send a team to Moscow and try and apprehend Derevko...again. Intelligence tells us that she was spotted talking to this man early this morning ( Liz hold up a picture of a elderly man, slightly scruffy looking). We know his name is Vladamir Hisrcoff, the owner of 'The Red Flag', a very hip nightclub in the center of Moscow. From the intel we have on Hisrcoff, he has no known criminal record or anything that would be of interest to Derevko and that interests me. So I think we should find out what they have to talk about."

Deanne raises her hand, " So who is going and what is the mission?"....

I hope that was ok, its my first attempt and I didnt know exactly what to do...Oh well. Bye bye for now

Ps this is soo good as the show itself hehe
Dec 6, 2004
Brizzy, Australia!!!
:jawdrop: that was great!!!

except its not the CIA. The Syndicate is Vaughn's CIA black-ops thing. And its not a psychO eval, lol!

but yeah, that was GOOD. My turn now!

ok here we go ...


Liz: You don't have to raise your hand, Deanne. This isn't high school. I promise i won't give you a detention, lol. Okay, i want Steph, Kel and Deanne to go to the club. Steph, you will break into their security system and use this *holds up a computer chip* to copy all of the files.
Steph: K.

* Steph takes the chip*

Liz: While she's doing that, Kel, you will "distract" Hisrcoff. You will need to get him away from his guards and into his office, here.

*points to an office on the blueprints on the computer screen*.

Liz: While Steph is in the system, you will have five minutes until the cameras come back on. In that time, you will need to interrogate him. Use whatever force you need to. If he's not talking, then you can use this secret passageway

*points to blueprint again*

Liz: to get both him and you onto the roof where a helicopter will pick all three of you up at five past one in the morning. Deanne, since this will be your first op, you'll go as backup and be stationed on the roof of the building next door in the helicopter. If they need help you will have use the same passageway to get to the sub-levels of the club.
Deanne: Okay.
Liz: The entrances to the passageway require biometric access of Hisrcoff's right index finger. Steph, you'll have to get that as well, so we can have it just in case Deanne does need to get in. You can probably get it off a glass or a bottle, but you'll need this.

*Liz hands her a mobile phone*

Steph: Uh ...
Liz: Press 5, 4, 9 - that spells Liz - and it will take a laser scan of the fingerprint. Then press Send, and it will transmit the image back to Deanne.
Steph: Okay.
Liz: You'll have to get the glass after Hisrcoff has gone to his office with Kel, so that gives you about a minute to get into his system from the mobile. We can't risk you going into another office while the cameras are still online, so Mr/Ms Invisible, our Tech Person has tweaked the phone so that you can hack into the system from it.
Steph: Okay.
Liz: Okay, everyone got that? Yes? Good. Your plane leaves in three hours. The mission will start at exactly one o'clock. Kel, you'll meet Hisrcoff in the main room of the club. See you when you get back. Good luck.

Everyone stands up and files out. Liz walks out last, then goes to the cell where Malo is being held.


Liz: So have you considered our offer?
Malo: I still can't believe i didn't realise it was you.
Liz: Yeah, you are pretty stupid. Have you reconsidered our offer?
Malo: *pause* Yes.
Liz: And?
Malo: Derevko ... Derevko isn't ... look. When she finds out if I tell you, she'll kill me.
Liz: More likely she'll have you killed, unless there's something you want to tell me that makes you important enough to be killed by her in person?
Malo: God. Why should I help you? I'm going to die either way, aren't I?
Liz: If you don't talk, you will certainly be tried as a traitor to the US - and executed. If you do, we will take that under consideration when regarding your sentence, depending on how much the information helps us.
Malo: Oh God.
Liz: But either way ... this is your last chance ... to do something good.

*long pause*

Malo: Arvin Sloane is scared of Rambaldi.
Liz: What?
Malo: What he used to worship ... he now fears. That's why he tried to have Nadia killed. But he couldn't. He couldn't go through with it. Even though she is the Passenger. He loves her too much. Weak man.
Liz: Why does he fear Rambaldi?
Malo: Because he had too much power. Because he knew exactly what was going to happen, hundreds of years in the future.
Liz: Sloane's obsession consumed him.
Malo: Yes.
Liz: And now Irina wants revenge ... why? He didn't kill Nadia.
Malo: Irina Derevko is a great woman.
Liz: Answer the question.
Malo: You're a great woman too. You could be greater.
Liz: Answer ... the question.
Malo: Join with her. Join with Irina. You know it is your destiny.
Liz: Shut up. My ancestry being as it is, I am loyal to this country and this agency. Answer the question.
Malo: She ... wants ... him ... dead. Irina Derevko doesn't need a reason to want to kill someone.

*another pause. Liz stands up*

Liz: We'll take your ... help ... into consideration.
Malo: Aren't you going to thank me?
Liz: I've already broken your nose once. Don't push me.

*Liz walks out*

ok, so thats my 2 cents. i'm going to send a PM around to the rest of the syndicate members to get their @$$3$ in gear!!!!!

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May 11, 2005
Sorry, that I haven't been posting for a while. I've been busy with some other things.

Just wondering, but what season do you think that Vaughn does better in?


Aug 11, 2004
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:thud: Liz that was sooo way awesome cool, i cannot even tell you! but whats up with Malo and you? dude... i like it!! Intruiging!

Oh and liz, i can never see your av? Can anyone else?

alias2005 said:
Just wondering, but what season do you think that Vaughn does better in?
Ooooh well, like.... season 2 he was the HOTTEST, but Season 4 was pretty damn fine too, but i just cant seem to forget those stunning blue boxers...

He was awesome in s3, having to act all in love with 2 people, and he did it wonderfully, and S1, he was just adorable! Swooning over Syd all the time, i mean, the man is legendary!!

Sydney L Bristow

Capt. Poohead
Feb 16, 2005
A strange place inside my head
the three girls walk into the night club. They are all looking around to try and locate Hisrcoff...
Steph: Kel there he is! She points off to the left at the bar.
Kel: I’m on it. Kel then strides over to the empty bar stool next to him wearing tight black leather pants and a lacey spaghetti string tank top that could have passed for lingerie. Her hair was down in messy curls and she had a very seductive smelling cologne on. She sat down next to him
"you want to buy me a drink or should I chose someone else to take home to my bed tonight?" she then ran her finger from his chin down his neck past his chest and straight to his belt, where she then fiddled a bit with the buckle causing Hisrcoff to sweat a little.

Hisrcoff: vut would you like to drink? Vodka maybe? ors maybe you like something else?
Kel: I want something hard if you know what I mean?
Hisrcoff: Oh??
Kel: Do you think that maybe we could go some place more quiet?
Hisrcoff: I have an office that maybe you like?
Kel: nibbles his left ear lob and whispers " I would like that very much.

Hisrcoff rises off his bar stool rather quickly and ushers Kel to do the same and then leads her back towards his office.

Once in side his office Kel grabs Hisrcoff by the shirt and pulls him close to her in a seductive manner, right as Hisrcoff is about to try and jam his tongue down her throat, Kel twists him around and raps a wire around his neck slightly strangling him. "Tell me what you know about Irena Derevco!"

Hisrcoff: I don't know what you are talking about.
Kell: we know you have been in contact with her and we want to know what she’s up to and where she can be found!
Hisrcoff: Go to H@# you B#$@&

Kel Elbows him in the head and contacts Deanne on comms. "he isn't talking were on our way up!"

mean while Steph has already penetrated the security system and has begun to up load the files...
Dec 6, 2004
Brizzy, Australia!!!
:welcome: to Syd_and_Vaughn_LIVE!!

i am your fearless leader, Liz! ;)

and if nobody else will add, FINE i will ... lol ...

i wrote this out, then went offline without sending it ... DAMN me ... ok i'll shorten it.

*Steph is frantically tapping the table with her fingers as she waits for the files to finish downloading*

Steph: Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon!

*She pulls up a security feed and sees a guard running down the hallway outside the office she is in*

Steph: Sh*t! No!

*She whips out her gun and shoots the guard with a tranq just as he opens the door. She turns on her comm just as the computer beeps to say it has finished downloading*

Steph: I've been made! The files are done, i'm coming up!

*She runs to the passageway, up to the roof, meets Kel and Deanne there and they disappear into the night*


*Kel, Deanne and Steph are in Liz's office. Steph hands her the chip. Liz smiles*

Liz: Well done, guys. Go home. Get some rest. You've earned it.

*They leave. Liz makes sure they are gone before picking up her phone*

Liz: Sorry about that. ~ Yes, i know that. ~ A contact of mine in Russia. ~ You worry too much, Irina. It'll be fine, trust me. ~ Ok. I'll see you soon. ~ I know. Ok. Bye.

ok i'm done ... i'll just leave it there ... lol ... ciao.
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