Animation Velma


Title: Velma

Genre: Animation, Comedy

First aired: 2023-01-12

Creator: Charlie Grandy

Cast: Mindy Kaling, Constance Wu, Sam Richardson, Glenn Howerton

Overview: Jinkies! This raucous reimagining of the Scooby-Doo franchise unravels the mysterious origins of Mystery, Inc. – as seen through the eyes of the gang’s beloved bespectacled detective Velma.



Not sure if I will watch this since it is sooooo different.


Code Monkey
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Not sure if I will watch this since it is sooooo different.
From the early reviews I've read so far, it doesn't sound like something that I'd like. I can see the appeal of trying to do a version of Scooby targeted at a slightly older audience but the movies and Mystery Incorporated has already done that without resorting to totally changing the characters.

Here's two example reviews I've come across....

I will likely end up not seeing any of this one, or at least any time soon, since we don't subscribe to HBO Max. Between our normal cable bill, Netflix, Paramount+, Disney+, and Amazon Prime, I absolutely refuse to subscribe to another streaming service. Don't even get me started on the tech service subscriptions. :pout: