Vent/Rave/Cry/Whatever 4

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Dreila said:
just tell me.. in a PM if you dont want to tell everyone. god you never tell me anything.
LOL sorry I couldn't resist saying this, the reason that my week was bad is that I had to study all week..
Aliasfan13 said:
I hate The Anonymous Dude. <_< If you live in Former Gartan Addicts, ya know what I mean.

I saw that. It sucks when people are rude.

OK I am so wondering what is up with my roommate. She put up all these pics from Playboy on her side of the room, which means whenever I come in the room I get to see NAKED WOMEN. I'm not against pornography, but at least keep it in private!


I own Vaughn's holster
Ummm, the first week of december. So about a month and a week for me too. I have my english final on my birthday, hahaha. That sucks. No partying for me the night before.
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