Vic Boone Pulp Retro Sci-Fi

Hi, everyone,

My name is Shawn Aldridge. I'm the writer and creator of Vic Boone, a retro sci-fi series mixed with pulp detective fiction. It's a webcomic currently in this month's Zuda(DC Comics) competition. The competition ends on Aug 27th.


I'm looking for honest feedback, and truth be told, a few votes for it. We were in first place for 2 1/2 weeks and just feel to second.

I've been told it has a very European/British feel.

Anyway, I hope a few will find it worth a vote.
#2 I promise that I'm not some fly by night (RUSH) poster. I just was a bit slow on finding these boards. I will reach 25. ;)

I've been reading on the for the last half hour.
Shawn, welcome to our community! :smiley:

I always enjoy retro-style comics & sci-fi so of course I clicked on the link.

I like the general feel of the comic, and the cameos of some infamous aliens in the bar scene. The one-eyed mobster may have been a bit much though and the line about not being able to hear because he only has one eye made made me go "Huh?" but other than that I think you're on a great path.

Have you ever seen the show Burn Notice? The main character does these voice-overs throughout the episode explaining the mindset of not only his character but of those he is facing. While reading the comic the yellow box voice overs I kept hearing in my head in the voice of the actor from Burn Notice. And that is not a bad thing.