Walkers find white blobs of organic material in the woods - alien life forms?


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This story popped up a while ago and the wild theories about what the white blogs of organic matter became, well just that, wild!

One guy even took home one of them and put it in his freezer to get checked out.

Well, he'll be happy to know that it was examined in a lab and found to be living matter, or at least part of the cycle of life, harmless to humans, but definitely not alien in origin.



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What would worry you the most if you found something in the woods?

1) Touching it would allow the alien to take over your body, expelling your consciousness forever
2) You just touched deer semen.

Starbeast from Planet X

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Niether Tim.

Did you ever see the movie The Giant Gila Monster? In the movie, the hero is investigating in the woods and he comes across a strange pool of white liquid, so he tastes it!

It turns out to be the gila monster's urine. Most people who watch the movie don't pick up on that, every time I see the film, I groan at what he's doing.