Wanna join the A-Men?

Science fiction novel, downloadable dramatised stories, cool stuff, etc.


I am trying to build an email list to help if I decide to publish my science fiction A-Men novels next year and also share my recently revamped website and recently finished dramatised recordings from the first novel. These have a cast of actors, plus SFX, and are well worth a listen. You can also download the first chapters of the novels, listen to recordings of the poetry and songs used in the books (it's in the future, so I had to create them from scratch!) and lots more.

All you have to do is go to the Sign Up Now area of the site (www.trevillian.com/signupnow01.1.html) and click on the button/link. This will then send an email to request access to the site’s download area.

Be assured that the list will not be used to send bulk emails or be passed on to any third parties. And please, if you know anyone who might be interested in dark future science fiction novels, then please pass this email on.

If I can get enough names, I’ll seriously consider publishing… For a niche book, in the current climate, if it's not Barnes & Noble friendly, it's either that or let it gather dust in publisher's slush piles!

Many thanks for your help.

John Trevillian • www.trevillian.com