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Mar 20, 2004
I have several fresh XenForo based sites that need sets of graphics. Some familiarity with XenForo would be preferred.
  • Banner & logo for the common header area. For example, the "CinVin" logo at the top of this page. The "CinVin" logo currently is just text but for these package sets I would like the banner to be a combination of text & graphics.
  • All of the sites are utilizing XenForo's Facebook integration and as such would need a matching Facebook Open Graph Logo (square image at a minimum of 50x50).
  • Matching favicon.ico file.
The subject matter for the graphics (each a different set) are...
  • Arcade - Color scheme for now would be the base XenForo scheme. You can use your creativity for the design. The design can't be a single game. The arcade games area games, not PC/X-Box/Playstation/Nintendo/etc games. That means no Call of Duty type graphics, think more along the lines of the classics like Asteroids and Space Invaders. For this site a unique custom logo would also be wanted.
  • Church - Color scheme for now would be the base XenForo scheme. Sample images of some church related graphics can be provided along with photos of the church.
  • Verizon - Color scheme will be red and white. My first thought is banner showing a montage of communications through the years (eg: left to right starting with an Alexander Graham Bell era phone to the old parlor phones to the princess phones of the 60's & 70's, to cell phones, to tablets, etc.). Phones would not be the only subject matter since "Verizon" of course includes internet (both DSL & fiber connections) and video but phones are a big part of the imagery with the subject matter.
  • Local Town - Color scheme will be red (think burgundy) and white. Photos can be provided.
If you're up for any or all of these packages please start a new conversation with me here at CinVin so we can discuss further. Please includes links to any portfolios of your graphics work.
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