Wants and Desires


Jan 21, 2004
Well I haven't posted anything here for a while and so since I had some time today, I thought I would go ahead. This one story was posted at sd-1 and so maybe you've seen it. If not, I will let you know that is gets VERY intense. It is definitely NC-17 right from the start.

So, Let me know what you think. I'm down to the last chapter or two chapters or so.


Author's note - the rating is definitely "R" and will hit "NC-17" at various points. There will be adult situations along with sexual tension and angst and torture and well some bruising of the characters but they will be put back in their place when I am done.

Summary - Sydney and Vaughn are sent on a rather unusual mission that will strengthen their relationship or irrevocably tear it apart.

Disclaimers - The characters of ALIAS are not mind and are the property of ABC, JJ, etc.

Acknowledgments - To Chris the constant muse when needed. To Vartan88 for letting me bounce idea off of you at any time of the night.
Wants and Desires
Chapter 1

Wants and desires; some may think of these two concepts as polar opposites and yet others may find that they are close relatives. As a child we often have simple wants, whether it is food to satisfy our hunger or water to quench a thirst. Our needs are usually are easy to fulfill. As we grow older, we often tell our parents what we want for our birthdays, for Christmas, Easter, and so forth. In turn, our wants are often fulfilled in quite an easy manner.

Desires, however, are another story. The word desire if often associated with that of longing. While it is true that desires can be sexual in nature, they are usually tied to the longing of something just beyond our reach. We try and try to fulfill our desires. Sometimes, our wishes are granted, but many times they are like empty dreams, something we will always hope for, but will never achieve. Desires become the proverbial carrot that is dangled in front of us, just beyond our reach. Such was the case for CIA Agent Sydney Bristow.

Today, much like other days, Sydney sat in her office staring out, looking and yet not really paying attention. There were no pending missions; just some follow-up reports that she needed to finish. That didn’t help alleviate the boredom that was quickly setting in this afternoon. Sydney was in effect, as she had described to Weiss before, “zoning out.”

Walking by her office, Weiss could see that Sydney had other things on her mind. Actually she had merely one thing that brought a smile to his face. He knew that Sydney was thinking of only one person in the CIA; Agent Michael Vaughn.

Vaughn was the one person that could fluster Sydney’s concentration in a moment’s notice. Usually, Sydney kept her emotions in check, but lately she found herself thinking more and more about Vaughn. Sydney was embarrassed by the fact that she found herself fantasizing about him. She remembered the day when she wanted to leave the CIA . . .

Like a panther stalking its prey, Sydney quickened her pace as she walked through the massive lair of hallways and corridors that eventually led to the parking garage. Storming through the doors to the underground structure, Sydney was ready to explode. She’d just left Kendall, who blackmailed her into staying in the CIA. The bait; her mother was the perfect carrot to dangle in front of Sydney. Although she’d only known her for the better part of a few months, Sydney was not about to let go of the woman who brought her into this world; no matter what the cost.

As Sydney continued her pace, she realized that someone was following her. She was about to turn around and tell whoever it was to back off when she heard a familiar voice.

“Syd! Wait a second!” Vaughn called out. Agent Michael Vaughn; the man of her dreams, her desires and much more; from the moment she met him, Sydney could almost prophesize that they were going to be together. Within two years of their first encounter, it did happen. Sydney and Vaughn made love for the first time. Their night was a time in which many wants and desires were quenched in one evening. However that did not change the fact that Sydney was ready to tear anything or anyone to shreds that crossed her path; including Vaughn.

She turned to him, anger seething from within, “Wait? Did you see the smirk on Kendall’s face? I mean from the first time I met him when he interrogated me, it’s like he enjoys it. It’s like he takes pleasure in the mind . . .”

However Sydney did not finish her words as Vaughn placed his lips upon hers; drawing from her a long and languorous kiss. Caught off guard for only a moment, Sydney responded to Vaughn’s kiss, drawing him further and further into her, seeking to take all that he offered. Suddenly he stirred a desire within that was now burning quite brightly. It seemed like an eternity before it was Sydney to break off the kiss.

Nevertheless, the fire was lit. Sydney paused for a moment, trying to collect her thoughts, allowing her forehead to rest on Vaughn’s. Each took deep breaths, aware of what had started and what would soon take over their minds, their bodies and their souls.

Vaughn was the first to speak. “The truth is, if you left, I think you would have been bored anyways.” Those were the only words he offered as he gave Sydney one more look of longing. Once more, they were locked in each other’s embrace. However, this embrace would not simply come apart.

Instead, breaking their kiss, but only for a moment, Vaughn took Sydney by the hand; leading her to his car. Once inside, Vaughn attempted to start the car, placing the key in the ignition, but Sydney did not want to wait. Her hands quickly found their way to Vaughn’s pants; attempting to free his already hardened arousal.

“Syd!” Vaughn groaned as she freed his member. It begged to be touch and Sydney was the one to fulfill Vaughn’s desires.

Smiling at the result she was having upon him, Sydney leaned her head down to Vaughn’s hardened arousal. Slowly, she began to take him bit by bit into her mouth; allowing her tongue to run along the underside of his shaft. With her right hand, she took his balls in and began to massage them, sending Vaughn into a heightened state of arousal. Vaughn threw his head back as Sydney continued with her ministrations. His entire body felt as if it were on fire and He was caught off guard as she reached across his chest with her left hand. Vaughn was not certain of what Sydney had in mind until he suddenly leaned or rather crashed back in his seat. Apparently she’d found the lever to recline his seat in the car.

“Oh god!” was all the Vaughn could utter as Sydney continued with her assault upon his senses.

“Vaughn!” Sydney growled.

“Sydney?” he asked, not sure of what she wanted.

“Pants!” she commanded.

It took only a minute for Vaughn to understand what Sydney wanted. Unzipping her pants, he quickly shoved them down as far as he could. The only thing that stood in his way was her panties, which he subsequently ripped from her body. In the next moment, Sydney impaled herself upon Vaughn’s hardened member; flexing her inner walls, squeezing Vaughn’s shaft, sending his head back once more.

Sydney took the opportunity to plants small butterfly kisses along Vaughn’s neck and across his jaw line. She was indeed hungry and Vaughn was going to satisfy all that she wanted.

Looking into her eyes, Vaughn decided he would now take charge. Both of his hands reached up and seized Sydney’s top. He pulled the top over her head and now gazed upon the loveliest sight presented before him; Sydney Bristow clad only in her pants and a red bra.

“Nice,” he purred and as he reached his hands to her front clasp. Sydney smiled as he released both of her breasts from their confinement. Drawing Sydney closer to him, Vaughn took one breast in his mouth and began to suckle. He teased her breasts until both nipples were hardened; alternating between each one; first swirling his tongue around the nipple and then blowing a cool breath upon each one. The reaction from Sydney was that which he sought; she too was at a heightened state of arousal.

Both were now ready for their final dance. Sydney slow began to move in rhythm with Vaughn, their climax slowly building.

“Sydney . . .” Vaughn moaned.

“Yeah . . .” she answered increasing the pace of her movement.

“I’m so close . . .” he whispered as he matched her movement with his thrusts.

“So close . . .” she replied.

Sydney and Vaughn were almost to the end. It was only a matter of seconds but no more than minute and then . . .

The telephone rang. It was her father.

“Yes?” Sydney answered, slowly waking from her dream.

“Sydney, I need to speak with you in my office . . . now please.”

“Hmm . . . okay. I’ll be right there,” she informed her father. Looking into a mirror, she fixed her hair; it was a little disheveled.

What a dream, she thought.

Sydney wondered if she could talk to her father. Would he help or hinder? Sydney needed to sort out her feelings and well; right now her dad was the only one she could really talk to at the moment. Walking into her father’s office and plopped herself into a nearby chair. Jack smiled.

“So what’s up?” Sydney began in a very nonchalant fashion.

Jack smiled again and leaned forward. “I want to know why Agent Vaughn is so distracting to you and your work lately.”

Sydney bolted up right, panic filling her heart. How did he know? She and Vaughn well, they were just starting a relationship.

“Uh, what are you talking about?” she asked.

“Sydney it’s obvious to everyone around here that Agent Vaughn’s the only thing you seem to be able to focus your attention on lately. What I want to know is why?”

Sydney swallowed the gum she was chewing. She then proceeded to explain what was on her mind for the past few days. Although she made mention of Vaughn, Sydney made certain to omit recent details of their growing relationship. Jack listened intently and then, when Sydney was finished, he finally spoke.

“Thank you, Sydney. That will be all.”

Sydney was stunned to say the least. She was expecting a lecture of the perils of “dating a co-worker” or something to that effect.

After Sydney left, Kendall emerged from an adjoining office.

“Well?” he asked.

“I think I have just the cure for Sydney’s fantasies. Who knows, Agent Vaughn may see a night to Sydney he never imagined.

So whatcha think? Interesting? Do I have your attention?

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who knows this story is going to get wicked
Nov 18, 2003
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Man would I ever love to have a dream like that!! :LOL: With the same man too!! Ok, I have never in my life had thoughts like this before!! Do you see what you're doing to me? Runs off to take a very cold shower at one in the morning! :LOL: Oh, and PM me when you update or do a sequel, or any other fic for that matter!


Jan 21, 2004
Wants and Desires
Chapter 2

Shock and disbelief . . . are two ideas, which we as a public deal with from time to time. Shock is usually first often upsetting the norm of our day to day existence, throwing a little chaos into the picture. Disbelief is not too far behind. Often, we cannot accept what has occurred in our life and therefore, we try to deny the existence of that which initially upset us. Agent Sydney Bristow, still reeling the effects of the meeting with her father, continued her stride, heading back to her office, still in doubt as to what he said or rather what did not say.

Sydney and Vaughn’s relationship could be described as being on that of standby. From the moment the two of them looked into each other’s eyes, they felt, no correction, they knew that somehow, some way, they would be together. However, each time as they drew nearer to one another, someone of something would inevitably push them apart; SD-6, Sloane, Alice, Jack, the CIA, etc.

Nevertheless, they were destined to be together and so the first step to fulfilling their desires came with the fall of SD-6. Across the chaos that was once a part of the omnipotent Alliance, Sydney and Vaughn no longer had to hide their feelings for one another. Thus, as they drew each other into their embrace, not even Weiss’ words of,

“Hey guys! I just talked to base. We did it. We kicked their asses. Hey! Guys! Did you hear what I said? Asses!” could actually break them apart.

The fruition of their relationship came to pass following the mission involving Project Helix. Sydney would never forget that night . . .

Everything was perfect. The wine, the food, Vaughn; all complemented one another. Sydney had invited Vaughn over for dinner that night and perhaps she was hoping for a bit more . . .

As the kettle on the stove began to simmer, Sydney could see that Vaughn was doing the same. She knew exactly what she wanted and so it was now a question of how long it would take Vaughn to “come to a boil” as it were. She shook a handful of spices into the sauce, leaving the lid on the countertop. As she turned to retrieve the wooden spoon on the other countertop, she paused for a moment, smiling at Vaughn in the process. He was hers. The only question that remained was when?

Sydney then took a small taste of the sauce, wanting to make sure that it was seasoned just right. She turned back to Vaughn, offering him a taste of the meal for tonight. He greedily took that which she placed before him, his right hand momentarily clasped around her left; it was almost as if he did not want to let go. Sydney smiled once more. Her plan was working.

She stirred the sauce once more, replacing the lid. Bending down, she tried to check on the bread in the oven. However it was at this moment Vaughn decided to act. He pulled her right arm back, drawing her into his embrace; to his lips. Their kiss was long and deep. Desires that had been smoldering for quite some time were now coming to a head and they needed to be fulfilled.

Sydney was the first to break the kiss; but not the embrace. Vaughn, enraptured by all that was presented before him whispered, “You’re so beautiful . . .”

“Dinner’s ready,” was all that Sydney could offer, thought she doubted he was really thinking about food.

“We do have an oven you know. We can reheat,” Vaughn assured her as he took her hand and his and proceeded to walk to the bedroom. Sydney offered no protest.

Once there, Sydney and Vaughn fell gently onto the bed. Tonight was theirs, with nothing or no one to stop them. Their lovemaking began slow and deliberate; Vaughn continued to plant small kisses along Sydney’s neck, gradually making his way down to her abdomen. Smiling, he slid the offending material out of his way and continued with his attention to the lower part of her body. Sydney responded with a very contented smile, placing her hands behind her indicating her total trust in Vaughn.

Sydney rose from her reclined position on the bed for only a moment; Vaughn drew her up, not wanting to let her go from his embrace. Within moments, her top was removed and Vaughn gently placed her back onto the bed where they were continuing to the next . . .

Sydney’s thoughts were abruptly interrupted when all of the sudden, she came upon the most unlikely of roadblocks; Agent Michael Vaughn. He too was lost in deep thought of another sort. The sound and impact of the two of them colliding woke both from their respective daydreams.

“WHOOPS!” Sydney called out as Vaughn ran into her; the items he’d been reading sent flying to the ground.

“Oh hey,” Vaughn began as he tried to collect the items he’d been carrying. “Um there’s a meeting in about five minutes. Kendall said don’t be late.”

Sydney couldn’t help but notice that some of Vaughn’s reading material seemed to fall outside the norm of the CIA’s “recommended list of reading material.” She quickly surmised that, apparently this was the reason for Vaughn’s distraction. Sydney bent down to help Vaughn collect his reading material, glancing at what he had in hand; Playboy, Playgirl, Penthouse, Hustler, and Adam and Eve! Sydney did her best, but a slight giggle still managed to escape her lips.

“So, uh Vaughn . . .” she began. “Reading up or should I say boning up?”

Vaughn responded in his usual CIA emotionless fashion, except that he did seem a little irritated with her. For Sydney, this was a little odd, considering the fact that they were just at the beginnings of a relationship. However for Vaughn, business and pleasure were two things he did not want to mix.

“It . . . is research for the uh . . . mission,” he stammered as he tried to reshuffle the magazines and catalogues.

Sydney smiled and whispered in an almost inaudible tone, “Sure Vaughn, but just between you and me, I think the black leather suits you to a tee, or is that a ‘g?’ I think you’d look good in a teddy.”

That comment brought back memories of a different sort for Vaughn . . .

Berlin . . .

Watching Sydney make her entrance into the sex club, brought thoughts to Vaughn’s mind that he never knew he possessed. The sight of Sydney dressed in a red leather bustier, corset and, stiletto heels, was almost too much even for the ever in control Agent Vaughn. Seeing her make contact with the scientist as a dominatrix was one thing. However, walking into the room and seeing this same man tied up . . . made Vaughn realize . . . that . . . might . . . like . . . if Sydney were to do . . . that . . . to . . .

Vaughn raised an eyebrow, trying to shake his past memory from his mind. Collecting that last of his reading material, he turned and headed towards the conference room, leaving Sydney still lost in thought.

When Sydney arrived at the briefing room fifteen minutes later, she saw that only Vaughn, her father and Kendall were in attendance.

“Glad you could make it.” Kendall said sarcastically. “Now let’s begin.”

Kendall went on to outline the parameters of the mission, “About two weeks ago, sensitive documents, outlining a plan to assassinate key officials in the United States as well as Europe, were stolen. These scenarios were composed simply as SIMs but\now it appears that they might go public, especially if Sloane were to get a hold of them. This is something we do not want known to the general public.”

Seeing that he had everyone’s attention, Kendall continued his debrief, “The man they believed responsible for the theft was Jeremiah Williams. He was working in the same area where the SIMs had been composed. The authorities had Jeremiah in their custody when he simply vanished one night. However, the CIA now had a lead on Jeremiah’s whereabouts.”

“So why don’t we just go in there and just grab him?” Sydney interrupted.

Kendall contained his irritation as he answered Sydney’s question, “Because he’s in a highly secure facility and we can’t just walk in there and grab him as you put it so succinctly. This mission requires a certain delicacy.

Sydney furrowed her brow as Kendall went on to explain the details of the mission at hand, “Jeremiah is currently a member of the Seven Sins Mansion. It’s a retreat catering to clientele with somewhat different tastes. Basically, they are into the world of S&M. Sydney, you will go in as ‘Mistress Sydney’ and you’ll play the part of a new dominatrix. You’ll be someone who is interested in this world, but has yet to receive the proper training. Hence, you will not be required to possess a great deal of knowledge in this um . . . how shall I put it, arena? Vaughn will go in as a client. He will play the part of the submissive.”

“I WILL WHAT?” It was at that moment that Vaughn realized that he was yelling at Kendall.

Kendall just sat there and smiled; not at all surprise at Vaughn’s response. Vaughn quickly regained his composure but it was not easy. Sydney kept looking at him, licking her lips and smiling.

“Now that we are through with everything, let’s get the documents. Dismissed. Sydney? Vaughn? Marshall has some gadgets to help your uh . . . wardrobe?”

Jack waited until Vaughn and Sydney stormed out of the room. He then asked Kendall, “So do you think they’ll make it?” Kendall nodded his head.

“Yes. For the first time in their lives, they are probably going to learn more about each other than they would ever want to know. Hopefully this will help Sydney with her fantasies about Vaughn. This mission will either strength their bonds or it will rip them apart . . . forever.”

So whatcha think? I did tell you that this story was going to get wicked didn't I? I'm just getting warmed up. :P :whistle:




Jan 21, 2004
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sounds liek its gonna b an interesting mission
thanx 4 contacting me
ull write me again when u have another story right?


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Totally loving this story can't wait to see where it's going. So can you please let me know when it's updated thanks.
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