War of the Worlds / 7/05

Loved this movie. Ending was kinda... mehhh but it was still a great movie :D Dang can Dakota Fanning act!!! Wow. But she could've screamed less ^_^


I saw this after I couldn't get into the premiere for Fantastic 4. I thought that is was all right. The CGI is noteworthy, and while the plot was a bit blah, it was pretty intense for parts of it. I think that Cruise did all right, I don't think he could have been the only person to play the part though. Dakota Fanning acted like a real person would which was refreshing, even if all the screaming was annoying. The overall movie had some major hang ups, but it is probably worth seeing once.


Saw the movie ... but I must say that the ending could have been better ... Dakota could and should have screamed less ... :unsure:

Tom Cruise did an amazing job ... the special effects were awesome ... but damn the ending left me feeling "go home and get some sleep" ... too abrupt and as stupid as it could get ... :thud:
I'm just wondering for everyone who didn't like the ending....

What would have you liked better than the original ending? Cuz I was thinking, that the way they did it was the only REAL way to plausibly end the movie. So what else could they have done?


I think a lot of people, well me anyway, didn't like the whole voiceover thing. I didn't like the begginning either...not so much the concept of a voiceover, just the artist who did it had such and annoying, grating voice.
Euugh, Tom Cruise annoyed me at some times, but this was a pretty good film, I wouldn't see it in the cinema again, especially as it cost £11.50...bloody West End cinemas, but it was pretty exhilirating at times, and HILARIOUS...I cried laughing at some ponts, even parts that weren't meant to be funny...but classic
"Is it terrorists?"
"No, these come from somewhere else."
"Like Europe?"

Jai :rain:

And Hibou...:LOL:...just :LOL:


michael's widow in mourning
i saw it this week too and thought it was kinda a waste of time :rolleyes:

i think if i had watched it at the movies then the special effects might have had an effect on me but since it had no story it was so kinda blah.

tom was cute though and the girl rocked (y) ##but erm yeah i would rather listen to the ancient music or read the book :)