Warhammer Online

Luciro said:
I'd like to know the similarities of Warhammer and WoW. Orcs and elves? The class system in Warhammer is the only thing I'm worried about, but I'm more worried about HJ's.

The art style is near identical. The game itself is not. As I was informed on in the MASSIVE Forums, the original Warhammer avatar's started the art style. WoW was just the first to use it on a MMO scale.
Thanks for the link!

Although, I found the footage to be a bit... disappointing.
Simple and repetitive looking combat and mediocre looking characters and graphics... and everyone looked nearly identical. I'll have to take a look at more footage, methinks.
Its only alpha!!

I was more interested in trying to figure out how the movement was working more than anything else :P
Yeah I saw that! It's only in very early stages of Alpha, if it's even there yet, so IMO that's impressive considering the fact it will be improved greatly by the time of release.

And just so anyone who dosn't know...knows...Warhammer is a much older series than Warcraft, Warcraft ...uhm...borrowed many of it's ideas and style from warhammer, if anything :smiley: