Does anyone have any of the figures, painted, to sell? i am willing to buy....

if not - what dudes do you have?! :o have you seen the lord of the rings special edition set yet? o.O
I don't really sell them, I just paint and collect them as well as modify etc. I love the Dark elves and chaos for fantasy warhammer.

In 40k, you cant beat the Tyranids. One of the coolest and greates armies to tear across the tables.


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Na Screwit

Here, Check this out

Iron Kingdoms
Check the miniatures section and let me know what ya think.
No I have nothing to do with the site or the contents. Just surfed there and shared it


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in the UK, Games Workshop used to be a gaming store, then they expanded their range and kicked out the independent companies, leaving us with games we didn't want to play.

gone was Paranoia, Opera, Palladium and TSR games. the smaller shops had gone out of business by strategic location of Games Workshop shops, then there was nothing for us in many, many cities, i still curse Games Workshops name!