Warlord of Io


Hello everyone!

I wanted to make a completely shameless plug for my new comic book,
Warlord of Io.

I've got a website up for it here:

Warlord of Io - Index

Emperor Zoz of Io has retired, leaving his slacker son Zing in charge of the Ion Empire. After initiating sweeping social reforms to impress his foxy female friend, Moxy Comet, Zing upsets the army by cutting the military budget to pay for them. The army launches an immediate coup and Genereal Grymak orders Zing arrested on charges of high treason...

Hope you'll stop on by and take a gander. I've got a 10 page preview up. It's a real step into the retro-future, full of rocketships, robots, ray guns, and lots of silliness.

The prequel issue Warlord of Io and Other Stories is out now, and the first official issue hits the stands this summer. Published by SLG.