Warriors of the Ark


Okay, so I'm new here. Yo, whats up.

So, I've got this spiffy novel that I just started, called Warriors of the Ark. So, yeah, it sounds a little stereotypical.


It's an original novel, a little bit inspired by Warhammer 40K/GoW/Halo/Star Wars/etc, etc

So the whole premise goes that thousands of years in the future, humanity finally strikes out into the galaxy, determined to conquer it's reaches. Unfortunately, most of the known galaxy has been colonized by a collective of races known as the ARK. It is comprised of three main races, the draconic brutes called the Dorians, the nimble fox-beings named the Kiteans, and the alpha-humans credited for the creation of our race, the Vaa'lkar.

So, after years of mingling with the many species in the galaxy, peace is made.
Of course, events lead to disastrous consequences for humanity, and a large part of the human population is sent into exile, far away on the fringes of the galaxy.

Years pass, and resentment grows against the newly formed Imperium , which had exiled humanity, and the human colonists join forces with a fringe group of Dorians, and together, they conquer a large portion of the outer galactic reaches. They form a group called the Confederacy, and strike out at the Imperium, determined to destroy it forever. The first strike hits the heart of the Kitean Empire, and they quickly join sides with the Imperium.

The Imperium is drawn into this conflict, and launches a counter-attack against the Confederacy, but is stopped about half-way through, and is forced into a stalemate. Since that time, 435 years have passed, and no-one has been able break the lines.

In comes the plot of the story.

A force of Imperials on the industrial world of New Bournel receives word that a battle-group of Confederates have embarked on a crusade into the Bournel system. The battle-group gets there earlier than expected, and begins to take over New Bournel.

At that point, a communique is sent to Cardacia, the military training world in the system of Ge'lew. In response, the Imperials there send a division of their best soldiers to Bournel. The protagonists, a group of six troopers, are selected to go upon what they feel is a suicide run into enemy held territory, straight into the main industrial city of New Bournel.

These six men are considered the misfits of the illustrious Cardacian 8th"Wildcats", and so, are thrown into this conflict. But underneath what seemed to be a simple battle, lies a secret that could change the course of galactic history.

(No super weapons in this one.)