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I was in the gallery viewing the newest 15 when I noticed the Warthog logo on one of the BSG wallpapers. I typed 'warthog' into my googlebar and came up with gizmondo.com. I hit the games tab and I found some games I've never even heard of. I wish my system were able to handle games but I guess I'm stuck slobbering until I can afford that $5000.00 gaming system I saw on MSN yesterday.
So anyway here are some links to check out, I already did some surfin for ya...Yer Welcome!
Gizmondo Game Page
Gizmondo Released Games
Gismondo Comming Soon Games
Its strange but I didnt see references to WartHog or BSG?
I noticed a reference to Xen Games on the Interstellar Flames 2 page and I context menu googled it and got XenGames.com, Looks like a pocket gaming developer site. I dont have portables but some of you may.



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Most likely BSG wasn't mentioned because it may have been developed by Warthog but it was released by Vivendi.