Was Einstein a Space Alien?

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Nice overview article of Einstein to celebrate the 100th anniversay of him publishing his 5 papers in 1905. :cool:


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back in school, my physics teacher said (1986) that due to advances in technology we could now view atoms even better, that the methods we were being taught in school were wrong, not in the end result, just the way of looking at things. that if everything was published and made public, the schools would be crippled with the books and teaching methods they had to use to teach the new way of looking at things.

we still haven't got proper medical diagnosis machines today. by this i refer readers to Star Trek 4, when Bones is treating people in the hospitals and calling our current doctors as butchers!! when i ask the doctors to look into my skull and see if theres any accident damage, all they can do is check the outside surface of my brain and detect blood flow across the outside of the brain. the distinctions between hard science and science fiction are very easily blurred over.

when we ask ourselves if Einstein was an alien, should we not take the more plausible outlandish theory? that someone messed with time, planting key scientific ideas in the hands of certain people to achieve an end result! who decides who is to receive the information?

or is it more plausible that a nation run by the church for so long takes scientists who have to isolate themselves from the normal crowd and allows them in secrecy to develop new ideas not immediately halted by the church authorities who say that no one is allowed to think down a certain path less you are excommunicated?

in a very small period period in humanities history we have jumped in technological advances, but then choked off as governments, resurge in religious feelings and petty economic struggles prevent the scientists being free to sit and think.

in the UK we see the "brain drain" whereby our scientists see no wages for their work in the UK itself and have to go to work for US companies with the money to support their actions. we see more and more redtape interfering with medical technologies to the point where the large companies start scheming to get things done and middle men play the game so well they forget what the company is actually trying to do and altruistical notions are thrown out of the window as the real fight becomes not between scientists and disease but between companies and the government red tape.