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Watch With Kristin Chat About Alias-Spoilers!

Discussion in 'Alias' started by kiki81ny, May 2, 2003.

  1. kiki81ny

    kiki81ny Rocket Ranger

    Dec 9, 2002
    New York
    Watch with Kristin from E! Online-


    Thy Will Be Done? Who lives and dies on this Sunday's big season finale of Alias will come as a big surprise--perhaps even to the show's producers.

    A source close to ABC tells me that although the original plan was to kill off two cast members in this week's two-part season finale, Alias' producers are now fighting to keep at least one previously doomed actor. The sticking point? Cost. According to the insider, network execs are demanding the cast be cut in order to lower costs next season, since the show has been known to go over budget from time to time.

    What does all this mean? Sounds to this panicked Alias-aholic like we'll have to endure a hair-pulling life-or-death cliffhanger all summer long, not knowing whether two of our faves are gone for good.
  2. Bondgal2007

    Bondgal2007 Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    Need to see eppy
  3. Marlene

    Marlene Guest

    hrm...who will go? i can't wait til sunday!
  4. btvaughn

    btvaughn Rocket Ranger

    Dec 7, 2002
    Two of our faves? That really scares me!

  5. liliana

    liliana Rocket Ranger

    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    hmm i wonder this is the question who's gonna live and who's gonna die.sheesh kinda morbid
  6. Alias_Gay

    Alias_Gay Rocket Ranger

    Jan 27, 2003
    What? no ... OMG ... I am gonna scream ... can't wait ... this is gonna be so good ... but waiting all summe long will certainly kill me ... OMG :o
  7. nance

    nance TUMS

    Apr 18, 2003
    i can't wait!!!!!!!!! tomorrow!!!!!!!!! i hope evil francie will DIE!
  8. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Oh man... :(

    Well, we know they can't kill off Sydney or Sloane.. but I guess everyone else is up for grabs.

    ~Me :angel2:
  9. SydB_JenG

    SydB_JenG Rocket Ranger

    Mar 1, 2003
    USA, Virginia/Utah
    ok since we just saw it....who was that one?...was it francie...is she gone for good??...brandon died...but he probably wasnt paid very much lol...

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