Watch With Kristin Chat Transcript


Dec 9, 2002
New York
From E! Online-

From mrkbird: I saw you on E! News Live with the info about Will coming back to Alias, and I appreciated the shirtless Will shots.

I am only here to serve. And drool.

From soccer6fan6: Vaughn's still married to someone else, so don't be so happy.

Bubble obliterated. By the way, I've spent the past week begging JJ Abrams for info. And, of course, it's far too good a cliffhanger for him to spoil it for the likes of me. He wouldn't even answer this teensy, little question: What exactly happened to Sydney in what way, and how and who is Vaughn married to, and are Will and Francie coming back, and oh my god, is Irina gone for good?

From paulambrazil: Can't Vaughn just be engaged? Where did they say he was married? Or did I not pay enough attention since my eyeballs were practically hanging out of my eye sockets?

It seems a bit soon to move on, does it not? Though, I suppose none of us were complaining when Syd did...

From turbogrape: Is Vaughn going to be married to Felicity? That would be funny.

Genius. Especially if a time machine is involved. And Ben's on board. Rrr...
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