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Dec 9, 2002
New York
From E! Online-


lucka2k writes "From Susan: Just remember you heard it here first: I think Sydney had a baby. When she woke up, she looked at some kind of scar on her abdomen--think C-section. What if she was inseminated and gave birth to some evil child?
Hmmm...interesting. Many of you have been asking about that scar. To be honest, I thought it simply marked the passage of time, indicating that the scar was a healed wound from her battle with Francie and that it had been that long since the fight. While I was talking to Kevin Weisman (Marshall) at the ABC party, someone asked him if we learn why she has the scars, and he said "No, not in the first episode...but eventually." So, maybe you are on to something, loveydove!

From bebegirl: Anything else from Kevin about Alias?
He said this of the first episode of the season: "The first script, every character has kind of evolved to another place. It's two years later, and a lot has happened. Sydney starts to put some things together in her mind, but nothing is clear. She doesn't know where she's been for two years."

From lucka2k: What's up with Vaughn's wife? Any news on who was cast?
She must have been cast by now (they've already started production), but I haven't heard so much as a peep. Whoever it is, she's an 11th-hour decision, because according to Kevin a week ago, "We will meet Vaughn's wife, but she hasn't been cast yet. They're frantically trying to find her. They're seeing a lot of different people."

From Lex: Any news on how Spy Daddy has been coping with Sydney's "death" over the past two years?
Seems to me that Spy Daddy was hit hard. When I asked Kevin, in general, what are some of the changes we'll see, he mentioned Jack first: "Victor's character has undergone quite a change. At some point, they thought she had died. They had assumed she was dead for a long period of time, when she made that phone call at the end of last year.""


Dec 13, 2002
I can't believe I just read these. I'm usually anti-spoilers. I can't wait to see what Jacks reaction is.
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