Hi all,
I've no idea how I came to be here; I had the link saved for some reason!
I notice that everyone seems to be VERY brief with their intro's; so I'll try to buck that trend!!
I was born in 19mumble mumble, (oh alright then, 9 years before the first moon landing. You work it out!), & have been into SF for about as long as I can remember; the first SF book I recall reading is Time for the Stars, (when I was 8 or 9), by Heinlein, who has remained my fav author.
My fav Heinlein book is Starship Troopers; I've literally worn out 9 copies! And my tenth I lent to a "mate", who then promptly emigrated to Australia! :mad: That was about 10 years ago and I've not been able to get hold of another copy :cry: Love all his others and re-read them all the time.
James White and the Sector General series is another firm favourite; Richard Avery/Edmund Cooper- mainly the Expendables series, although all are good; John Kippax & Dan Morgan- V12 series. Pournell & Niven- ALL of theirs! Pratchett, Asimov, Clarke, Harrison- again ALL. Andre Norton-Solar Queen series, Star Man's Son etc. I recall one called Star Guard, which I read when I was about 10 and which I've not seen since. Haven't tried the Witch World series yet. I like lots of other authors too. I love almost all SF on TV, esp. ST, SG1, Dr Who, UFO, Thunderbirds, (should go without saying really!!). I wasn't too sure about the new BSG, (esp when they seemed to use rape as an interrogation tool). I'm a model maker and make SF/fantasy models as well as military ones, although I've not done anything for a lonnnng time, (other comittments). I collect books, (SF of course!), military history and anything I think of interest, much to my wifes disgust! But she knew what I was like when she married me:P
AND as may have been seen, I tend to use "!" quite a lot!!!!:D
Is that enough Mr Moderator?(!)
Geggy, welcome aboard!

Yeah, most of the introductions here have been short. No reason that I am aware of, just whatever the person feels like revealing about themselves.

From your history of reading books at a young age, I think you will find some kindred spirits here. We may be a quiet bunch but we all seem to share the love of reading.

I see you mentioned UFO; not many US viewers are aware of those great UK series like that and Blake's 7. Growing up in the Philly (Philadelphia, PA) area the local PBS station *used* to show a lot of those imported series, like The Prisoner and The Avengers, and how is I became a Dr. Who addict myself at a young age.

Speaking of models, did you catch this post about Silent Running? Once those kits are available to the public, I may have to order one (or three :D).

PS: Extra ! characters are fine; as long you don't make fun of my overuse of smilies, I won't say nothing about the exclamation points. ;)
Hi Kevin,
I wasn't sure what side of the pond the site originated; should've guessed it would be from the far side. I don't know if your satellite tv picks up Sky, but ITV3, (Sky channel 119), runs UFO & Space 1999 on a fairly regular basis. And Sky is always running SG1. Haven't seen Fireball XL5 for ages, (decades), though!
I love UFO esp. the lunar interceptors, Skydiver and the mobiles. For those not in the know, SHADO, (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation), used various land-sea-air-space craft to defend the planet. The interceptors launched, (in a flight of 3), from a camouflaged hanger on the moon and carried a nuclear missile to destry UFO's before they reached Earth; Skydiver was a submarine that launched, from underwater, a one man interceptor in interdict UFO's in Earths atmosphere. You only ever saw one, but in a couple of episodes reference is made to a fleet of 10 or so. The mobiles were AFV's used to combat landed UFO's. Sorry for the lecture:smiley:
I've just seen the Slient Running kits. Awesome. I hate to think how much they cost. Out of my price range I guess. I seem to recall someone, (Aurora?), making the Valley Forge and HDL. But the old memory could be going!
Better go, it's late and getting later, & I'm up early.
OK, you have the smilies & I'll stick to !!!!! !.